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Xbox Gamers Are Experiencing Issues With Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial

Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial is not giving Xbox players a good time.

Battlefield 2042 is finally here! Many gamers are jumping into the free trial to see if the game works for them and it’s worth the time.

It is logical to try the game before purchasing it, considering the rocky development and beta phase this title experienced.

As many PC players jump into it, gamers on the Xbox platform are not having such a fun time.

Some Xbox players have reported issues related to the Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial.

Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial Xbox

EA Confirms Xbox Issues With the Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial

EA confirmed that players on the Xbox platform are experiencing a glitch that concludes their Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial before even starting playing.

According to EA, this is a prevalent issue on the platform, and a solution is already in the works.

There is no information as to what is exactly causing this glitch. Although, it is being investigated as per EA.

In the meantime, EA advised that you close the game while a solution is provided. This is because every minute you have the game open subtracts from your 10-hour trial.

As EA works on this issue, it seems many players on Xbox are not able to connect to the servers anymore.

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Update – Nov 11, 2:29 PM ET – EA has now identified the issue that’s causing this problem on the Xbox platform and a solution is already on the way.

Update #2 – Nov 11, 3:07 PM ET – EA has now fixed the issue.

Battlefield 2042 Players Unable to Connect to EA Servers

Aside from this ongoing issue with the Xbox Battlefield 2042 EA Play Trial, gamers reported several server issues.

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There were a considerable amount of complaints about this situation in particular.

To make matters worse, all the time that the game is open with these errors on-screen subtracts from the available trial time.

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Now that the game has finally launched, we know every weapon included in Battlefield 2042.

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