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Xbox Insiders Can Now Reserve an Xbox Series X/S Console

It’s finally possible for Xbox users to reserve an Xbox Series X/S console of their own, just for being an existing user.

Since the launch of the Xbox Series X/S 6 months ago, stock has been in incredibly short supply. Still to this day, it’s near impossible to get your hands on the next-gen devices in many parts of the world.

And in regions where demand is high, we’re relying on regular weekly restocks to find our next-gen consoles. Here are all the Xbox Series X/S restocks coming this week – May 10-16!

Thankfully, Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series X/S stock shortage is about to end! And as we head into the endgame, the company is finally allowing Xbox users to reserve their next-gen console.

xbox series x
(Source: Xbox)

How to Reserve an Xbox Series X/S

If you want to secure your powerful gaming console, it’s now possible to reserve an Xbox Series X/S of your very own.

Half a year after the Xbox consoles first released, Microsoft is now allowing Xbox Insiders a confirmed chance at getting their hands on a device. Gamers in the US exclusively can now register on their existing Xbox One device and reserve their next-gen upgrade.

However, to take advantage of this new Console Purchase Pilot program, users must be an existing member of the Xbox Insider scheme. If you’re already an Xbox Insider, simply boot up the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox One to register for the chance to reserve your console.

The official Xbox Insider Twitter account confirms that, while the scheme is now active, there’s only limited space available. Due to high demand, it’s likely that not all Insiders will be selected to purchase a Series X/S device.

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However, this is definitely one of the best ways to buy an Xbox Series X/S without scalpers interfering. It’s also nice to see Microsoft rewarding users for their loyalty to the brand, although it’s coming pretty late in the console’s lifespan.

You may not need a Microsoft console to play Xbox games soon though! After all, it looks as though Xbox’s xCloud streaming service could be coming to other consoles.

But if you do get your hands on a new device, it’s well worth checking out the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass this month! And speaking of games, we’ve got new leaks that claim these two AAA Xbox titles are launching very soon…

Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting a little while longer for the new Mandalorian Star Wars game.

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Thursday 13th of May 2021

I guess Microsoft just doesn't want people like me who've never had an xbox to buy one. Fine, I'll stick to my ps5.