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Xbox Reports Incredible Sales on Steam, Despite Game Pass Success

Xbox is currently seeing massive success on Steam, in spite of its current Game Pass subscriber count.

Over the last few years, Xbox has been making a major push into the PC market. By bringing many of its titles to PC as well as console, Microsoft hopes to broaden its scope and invite more gamers into its market.

By all accounts, the effort has been a huge success. Not only is Xbox Game Pass reporting record amounts of subscribers, but engagement with the brand seems up across the board.

Of course, nabbing titles like Bethesda’s Starfield as an Xbox exclusive also helps when it comes to overall success. But it’s worth noting that Xbox’s PC dominance doesn’t just extend to Game Pass.

Xbox Steam Incredible Sales
(Source: Rare)

In fact, Xbox is outperforming the majority of game developers on Steam, according to recent statistics.

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Xbox Tops the Steam Charts During Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is currently in full flow, and Xbox is topping the charts.

In the opening week of the sale, Xbox managed to make it onto the bestseller list 4 times in the Top 7 best sellers. Sea of Thieves has taken the top spot for 2 weeks in a row, following the launch of the new Pirates of the Caribbean expansion.

Meanwhile, separate editions of Forza Horizon 4 hit #2 and #4 as hype rises for the graphically insane Forza Horizon 5. And finally, Halo: The Master Chief Collection managed to take #7 on the list, showing Xbox dominance across the platform.

Forza Horizon
(Source: Playground Games)

And it’s not just the Steam sale boosting Xbox numbers either. Analyst BenjiSales on Twitter reports that Xbox is benefitting from good discounts, but consistently brings in some of the best figures on the platform.

“There’s a ton of money to be made,” BenjiSales reports. “Xbox has become one of the best selling publishers on the platform and PlayStation sees a big opportunity for their games to also succeed there”

Recently, Sony has been listing 41 of its own games on Steam, suggesting a change of heart from the publisher. While the company has traditionally been against porting games to PC, this AAA PS4 game is coming to Steam very soon!

What’s more, PlayStation Studios’ most recent acquisition suggests far more PC ports are coming in the future! That developer isn’t the only one that Sony’s been busy acquiring either.

Xbox Games Are Dominating the PC Market

But what’s most incredible about the Xbox stats above, is that the best-selling titles in question are also available on Xbox Game Pass! While players could get access to the games for a few dollars a month, they’re choosing to purchase the titles to own.

Recently, Phil Spencer went into detail about how the Xbox Game Pass business model works. And here, we can see the effect that the game service has in action.

Not only are gamers buying their favorite titles on Xbox’s store, and playing them on Game Pass, the software is selling better than ever on other markets too! And now, we’re even more excited about all the great games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021 and beyond!

The Xbox Boss also revealed when the Xbox One support will end, in a recent interview. And Spencer even had more to say on the Xbox Series X/S shortage and upcoming limited edition consoles.

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Wednesday 7th of July 2021

Say PS now one more time


Tuesday 6th of July 2021

That's right, make sure to leave out the part where for 3 years the games failed horrendously when only being available on their own Windows store. It took a 3rd party PC front for them to achieve success and even then it is minor success. Its the same minor success that game pass is after 4 long years lol.


Monday 5th of July 2021

Almost seems like some people have a problem with the erosion of property rights.


Monday 5th of July 2021

@Nottheengineer, I am curious if you got both passes on PC or consoles? I have game pass on both PC and Xbox but I don't have ps now not a PlayStation. But I have been encouraged to get ps now. I had ps now in the early days but when they dropped so much I discontinued my service. My bluetay player has ps now included and was the main reason I got a new blue ray player and a few months later ps now was discontinued as a service on Sony devices like the bluetay player