Xbox has announced that its next Games Showcase presentation will be taking place on June 9, 2024 – and it’ll feature a deep-dive on a highly-anticipated game!

June has historically been the month for video game announcements. And even with E3 now being a thing of the past, many developers still choose to host their huge annual events in June.

Xbox has just announced that it will once again be hosting its yearly Games Showcase in mid-June. This event will feature games from first-party developers like Activision, Blizzard, Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios, as well as titles from third-party partners.

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Furthermore, following the Showcase, there will be [REDACTED] Direct. This will be “a special deep-dive into the next installment of a beloved franchise”, according to the Xbox Wire announcement.

Here’s when you can watch the Showcase, as well as what we believe the mystery featured game will be!

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2024 Xbox Games Showcase Date & Time

The 2024 Xbox Games Showcase will start at the following times, depending on where you are in the world:

  • West Coast USA (PT): June 9, 10am
  • East Coast USA (ET): June 9, 1pm
  • United Kingdom (BST): June 9, 6pm
  • Europe (CET): June 9, 7pm
  • Japan (JST): June 10, 2am
  • Easter Australia (AEST): June 10, 3am

The Games Showcase begins in !

Xbox will broadcast this presentation online on the following websites:

Xbox REDACTED Direct

What Is the [REDACTED] Direct?

Immediately after the Xbox Games Showcase will be a [REDACTED] Direct presentation. While Xbox has not officially announced what it is yet, we’re certain that it’s about Call of Duty.

This will be the first major Call of Duty presentation since Xbox bought its parent company, Activision. If leaks are correct, it should also feature the Gulf-War-based return of the Call of Duty: Black Ops series.

Judging by last year’s Starfield Direct, this deep dive into Call of Duty should be around 45 minutes long. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted up to an hour.

In addition to all of the game announcements, Xbox may also show off a new console. While it isn’t time for a new generation just yet, the leaked all-digital, white Xbox Series X could finally be revealed too!

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