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Xbox Game Pass Reports Insane New Total Subscriber Count

Microsoft is onto a winner with Xbox Game Pass, going by the service’s insane new total subscriber count.

Xbox Game Pass is the best value on the market when it comes to gaming subscription services. Microsoft is truly ahead of the game, delivering dozens of high-quality titles across both Xbox consoles and PC.

This all-in-one service makes the new Xbox Series S a completely viable purchase, despite the lack of disc drive. With many users picking up the console as an Xbox Game Pass machine, Microsoft’s focus on delivering a quality service hasn’t gone unappreciated.

Now a new earnings report reveals just how well Xbox Game Pass is doing, with an insane new subscriber count.

How Many People Use Xbox Game Pass?

According to the recent Microsoft earnings report, Xbox Game Pass has now surpassed 18 million subscribers. This insane figure reveals an increase of 3 million additional users since September.

Microsoft also reports that Xbox Live now has over 100 million monthly active users. These figures were both likely influenced by the Xbox Series X/S being Microsoft’s biggest ever launch.

With 18 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft is potentially raking in just shy of $180 million a month. However, it’s worth noting that many users will be taking advantage of the subscription’s $1 sign-up fee.

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(Source: Xbox)

In an effort to expand their profit margins even further, Microsoft recently confirmed an insane price increase on Xbox Live Gold. However, after a major fan backlash, the company quickly pulled a u-turn on the rising price.

Despite this factor, Xbox content and services revenue grew by around 40%. This is certain to help Microsoft make up for putting its major releases on Xbox Game Pass on Day 1.

The recent purchase of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft was a huge get for Game Pass. Now, Xbox has the potential to put all upcoming Bethesda games on its subscription service for free.

And what’s more, the upcoming Indiana Jones game will likely come to Game Pass too. However, there are concerns that Indiana Jones could delay the Elder Scrolls 6.

Right now, reports suggest that Xbox Game Pass may be about to get another major expansion. After partnering with EA, evidence suggests that Microsoft is ready to secure another major games studio.

Wondering about becoming a subscriber? Here’s what’s coming to Xbox Games Pass next!

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