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Xbox Game Pass Possibly Adding This Much Requested Title

Xbox Game Pass goes from strength to strength. Now they may be adding one of the most celebrated games of 2020.

According to a new leak originally reported by XboxEra, Microsoft is allegedly planning to add a new game to Xbox Game Pass. The title in question is the rather superb Hades.

Hades is a Diablo-styled dungeon crawler that contains puzzle elements and deep narrative-driven gameplay. The game borrows heavily from Greek mythology and uses this to drive its plot.

This news is currently unconfirmed by Xbox, but this will be a significant boon for the service if true. Hades rose to prominence during 2020; the title was a welcome distraction to what was (and still is) going on in the world.

Hades is out on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles. Those considering buying it on Xbox may want to hold fire, just in case this rumor is true.

Nobody wants a repeat of the Maneater situation from late last year. This was when Sony was forced to refund those who bought the title on PS5 after it became free on PS Plus.

Xbox Game Pass Is Becoming Increasingly Important to Microsoft

Xbox Game Pass is increasingly starting to look like the jewel in the Xbox Series X/S crown, as more and more games are added to the service.

After a successful pairing with EA, it’s now rumored that Ubisoft Plus will be bringing its content library to the Xbox Game Pass too. This would increase its value for money exponentially.

There’s also chatter about Microsoft porting the whole service to other consoles, even those owned by Sony or Nintendo. However, the competition may be more concerned with building their own platforms rather than enabling Microsoft’s.

But it does offer a tantalizing vision of the future should such a scenario come to pass. I mean, whoever thought we’d see Mario and Sonic at the same Olympic Games twenty years ago?

The service could one day replace consoles altogether, especially if Xbox lose the console war. The Xbox brand could always live on through the Game Pass. However, Xbox consoles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

We’ll keep you updated on whether Hades does arrive on Xbox Game Pass this month. These are the confirmed titles for Xbox Game Pass in January 2021 so far.

Here’s what games Xbox Series X/S owners have to look forward to in 2021.

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