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Xbox Game Pass Boosts Indie Game to 500,000 Downloads

The advantages of Xbox Game Pass are clear as the service helped one Indie Game get to 500,000 total downloads.

Xbox Game Pass is the gift that just keeps on giving, to both consumers and game developers. Microsoft’s subscription service has a staggering number of subscribers now, and all of them can enjoy hundreds of games for their monthly fee.

But it’s not just the players that are getting some value out of Xbox Game Pass, it seems. Recently, Phil Spencer explained how the Xbox Game Pass model works for developers too!

And now, one Indie game dev team is announcing that their title has hit 500,000 downloads on Xbox and PC alone. The title credits this success to the Xbox Game Pass team, and it’s certainly been a boost for the smaller title!

Xbox Game Pass
(Source: Xbox)

This isn’t the first example we’ve seen of Xbox Game Pass leading to massive sales for the titles on the service. And we’re sure that many indie developers will be looking to put their games on the service after the new announcement.

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UnderMine Hits 500,000 Downloads Thanks to Xbox Game Pass

Action-adventure Roguelike UnderMine announces that it hit 500,000 downloads on Xbox Game Pass alone.

For a small Indie developer, 500,000 people playing your game is a huge accomplishment. And it seems the team at Thorium Entertainment is certainly happy with their move putting UnderMine on Xbox Game Pass.

Since the title joined the service in August 2020, UnderMine has been downloaded over half a million times across Xbox and PC platforms. Now, the game is set to leave Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month, and return to being a purchase-only title.

Of course, Xbox subscribers can currently get a discount on the game if they wish to keep it. And we’re certain that a lot of gamers will be taking advantage of that offer.

“It feels like we joined it only yesterday, but UnderMine will be leaving #GamePass next month. Thank you to the half-million Xbox and PC players that played it!” UnderMine’s official Twitter writes.

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UnderMine Xbox Game Pass 500,000 Downloads
(Source: Thorium Entertainment)

UnderMine’s Huge Success on Xbox Game Pass

For reference, UnderMine’s Twitter account only has a little over 5,100 followers. And although the title has seen around 6000 reviews on Steam, we imagine that a great many of them appeared over the last year while the indie game was on Game Pass.

The Xbox Game Pass move was certainly a great way to boost UnderMine’s player base. And, now that hundreds of thousands of users are already enjoying the game, more people than ever will be picking it up for themselves, even without the subscription service.

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If you’re interested in giving the indie game a try before you buy, consider subscribing to Xbox Game Pass before the end of the month. There’s more than a few games to be excited about right now too – take a look:

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Xbox users can also get a big discount on Bethesda games after Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Online Studios. The titles are also available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers of course.

Moving forward, it looks as though major Bethesda games will be Xbox-exclusive too. And rumors suggest that Xbox Game Pass might get another major expansion in future.

After all, Phil Spencer is already talking about future Xbox studio acquisitions! Which developer would you like to see Xbox snap up next?

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