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Xbox Fridge Stock Available in Some US Target Stores

The Xbox Mini Fridge received an in-store restock at some Target locations in the US.

Indeed, the Xbox Fridge is what happens when a good meme and great marketing collide.

Back when the Xbox Series X was announced, gamers were quick to mock its form factor.

So, Microsoft decided to make some lemonade from all these memes, and the Xbox Fridge became a reality.

Units sold almost immediately once pre-orders went live. Now, Target is restocking some Xbox Fridge units at some of their stores.

Target In Store Xbox Mini Fridge

Another Chance to Get an Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at Target

Gamers reported some US Target locations are having an in-store restock of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

According to those reporting stock, there are just a few units per store.

As well, it seems to be a randomized situation and not a restock for all Target locations.

We advise that you reach out to your local Target and confirm if stock is available in-store.

If Target requests an item number, tell them you are looking for the item with DCPI 207-00-0754, which is the Xbox Fridge inventory code.

A restock for this collectible is excellent news, considering the pre-orders for the Xbox Fridge at Target sold-out almost immediately.

While some gamers report just a couple of units, other stores seem to have over ten units.

As time goes on, more and more gamers are reporting successful purchases in-store.

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Unfortunately, other gamers were not that lucky. This confirmed that not all Targets received in-store stock of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

One extremely fortunate Xbox fan went to his local store for an Xbox Fridge and got a real Xbox Series X!

If you are looking for the real deal, Microsoft Store started sending Xbox Series X invites to customers.

Here is how you can get an invite from Microsoft Store to purchase an Xbox Series X.

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