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Xbox Fan Gets Series S Early, Confirms Lack of Storage Space

One lucky Xbox fan has already received their Xbox Series S, a full week early. But they’ve got bad news for those of us that have a pre-order on the way.

It’s drawing ever closer to the Xbox Series X/S release date, and fans are early-awaiting their next-gen consoles. Now, it seems that those who opted to have the hardware delivered may well get lucky.

This is certainly the case with Reddit user spead20, who showed off their new delivery on the Xbox next-gen subreddit. According to the Xbox fan, ordering from The Source in Canada was an excellent decision.

The Canadian retail chain was reportedly one of the first businesses to begin shipping the Xbox Series X/S. Now, it seems that the deliveries are being made more than a little early.

Early Xbox Series S
(Source: Reddit)

If you’ve ordered from The Source, be sure to check your emails for the expected delivery time. In fact, regardless of where you ordered from, more dispatch emails are currently being sent out with each passing day.

Xbox Series S Has a Lack of Storage Space

Now that the Reddit user has insider information on the Series S, they’re openly answering questions from other fans. With no embargo in place for consumers, there’s no restriction on what the user can share.

What’s more, all features of the Xbox Series S appear to be available. The user reports that they can access the Microsoft store and download games on Game Pass.

And it’s here that the user discovered a key issue with the Xbox Series S. Despite the device containing a 512 GB SSD, the actual available storage space is noticeably smaller than that.

Xbox Series S
(Source: Microsoft)

Those who want to store more than a few next-gen games on their new hardware may be out of luck. According to spead20, the Xbox Series S only has 364 GB of storage for games and apps.

This is because the console’s operating system takes up the remaining 148 GB. It’s a disappointingly small about of storage remaining, especially when you consider the size of games these days.

After all, Call of Duty: Warzone is over 200 GB just by itself at present. If a gamer wants to download this free battle royale, they aren’t leaving themselves much space to work with.

Extra Storage Will Be a Must-Buy

It’s clear that additional storage will be a must-buy for many Xbox Series S owners. Although perhaps it should be considered that the Xbox Series S will run games at 1080p, rather than the Series X’s 4K.

(Source: Microsoft)

Perhaps this lower resolution will require less storage space in total. Unless they want to be installing and uninstalling games regularly, players will have to invest in an external SSD.

This space issue is also true for Sony’s console as the PlayStation 5 doesn’t have much storage to work with. In fact, leaks confirm that PS5 users will likely be investing in expensive new storage drives almost as soon as Xbox Series S fans.

And with current estimates predicting next-gen games will be over 50 GB each, we’d make sure your new SSD purchase is a big one.