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Xbox Download Speeds Boosted – Thanks to New Feature

Microsoft has added a new feature to improve download speeds on the Xbox Series X and Series S – Find out more here.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the Xbox Series X/S is a relatively new console, still barely six months old. Therefore, it’s normal for certain things to still need tweaking or for imperfections to pop up on occasion.

The PS5 is no different in this regard. In fact, we imagine such imperfections will continue to appear for the next year or so. That’s just the way it goes – especially considering a new VR headset may be coming soon.

This will likely have it's own collection is teething problems.


One feature that’s irritated a lot of Xbox Series X owners is the sometimes-slow download speeds. Especially when the console is engaged in multiple functions at once.

Blaming it on slow internet speeds doesn’t fly, as the same issue is also happening to those with rapid connections. So, we can conclude that this is an Xbox issue, not a user issue.

With more games coming to Game Pass in the near future, we expect this issue will get fixed soon.

New Feature Added To Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One Consoles

The good news is that Microsoft has added a new feature to address this problem. Those signed up to Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program have reported a new feature called “suspend my game.”

The feature is appearing on Insider’s dashboards, as they get access to such things before the rest of us mere mortals. This allows Microsoft time to iron out the kinks before such features come to all Xbox users.

We imagine the new functionality will come to all Xbox consoles around the time Ubisoft+ arrives on Xbox Game Pass. – But that’s just a theory on our part.

This feature allows the Xbox Series X to suspend the online connection of a game so the console can focus its efforts on the current download.

You see, the console always retains a portion of its connection on whichever game is currently playing. This makes sure the player never loses connection while in play.

However, the new feature allows players to voluntarily suspend this functionality in an effort to speed up their downloads.

It’s a neat idea and will be especially useful for those trying to download a game quickly while playing another at the same time. If they’re not playing online of course.

We imagine the feature will be helpful when it comes to downloading the 100+ Indie games that will be getting announced next week!  

Xbox is also allegedly eyeing up studios in Japan – now that their deal with Bethesda has gone through.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about Microsoft’s plans in the rumored upcoming Xbox event this month. This may even include an update about Starfield, according to one insider.

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