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Xbox Deals Unlocked Reveals Huge Sale & Game Pass Ultimate Discount

A new Xbox Deals Unlocked sale is about to drop, with a huge sale coming alongside a tasty Xbox Game Pass discount.

It’s almost time for E3 2021 and hype levels are at an all-time high. All eyes are on the gaming industry, and there are some big reveals on the way.

Already, we’re getting major leaks about what’s coming to E3 2021, ahead of the reveals this weekend. In fact, Xbox itself has 5 new AAA titles getting revealed at E3, if this leak proves correct!

And Microsoft could be annoucing a new studio and IP acquisition for Xbox at E3 this year too!

xbox deals unlocked sale game pass discount

And, as we all get in the mood to game the weekend away, there’s a brand-new Xbox sale to help you find a new obsession. With Xbox Deals Unlocked, you’ll have no issue finding something new to play, or scoring a cheap Game Pass subscription.

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Xbox Announces Deals Unlocked Summer Bargains

In a new announcement, Xbox reveals its ‘Deals Unlocked’ sale, with hundreds of games up for grabs.

Beginning on June 11 and running through June 17, the Xbox Deals Unlocked sale will soon be active. In it, players will find all manner of exciting titles getting huge discounts.

Already, Microsoft is promising fans over 55% off on over 500 digital games, and up to 75% off Xbox’s own studio titles.

Games such as Gears 5, Doom Eternal, Dirt 5, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gold Edition, and more are already confirmed to be getting their prices slashed.

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xbox deals unlocked games sale
(Source: Xbox)

On top of those discounts, there’s up to 60% off select PC digital titles, and 25% off gaming accessories. There are even a few gaming PCs up for grabs, beginning at $699.

But one of the biggest draws of Xbox’s Deals Unlocked sale is its discount on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft’s popular subscription service is dropping to just $1 for 3 months once again.

And with E3 2021 certain to reveal new games dropping imminently on Xbox Game Pass, it’d be foolish NOT to take advantage of the deal. After all, there’s a new mind-blowing AAA game coming to Xbox Game Pass very soon!

Wondering what’s on the service right now? We just got 15 new Xbox Game Pass drops that are sure to hold your attention! And it looks like Battlefield is coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One!

Still looking for a next-gen console? Xbox One and Windows 10 users can now reserve an Xbox Series X/S!

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