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Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to PC and iOS Soon According to Insider

According to Microsoft insiders, Xbox Cloud Gaming could soon be coming to PC and iOS devices – and bringing Xbox Game Pass with it.

Xbox Game Pass is the future and, coupled with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service, could be utterly unstoppable.

The Games Pass service allows console, PC, and Android users to enjoy certain Xbox games on a variety of platforms. Some games are available on all three, while others are only available on certain ones.

Xbox Games Pass has been revolutionary; it allowed Xbox exclusives to finally become playable on PC – too much rejoicing. But the service still has limitations; the key to unlocking its full potential lies with Microsoft’s other service, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

This, which was formally known as Project xCloud, lets Xbox customers stream games through a range of devices. Combined with all the titles on Game Pass, would essentially let players enjoy their Xbox games anywhere and anytime.

The service currently works with Xbox Series X/S and Android device - but that’s about it.

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The Future of Xbox Cloud Gaming

It currently doesn’t work on Apple devices or even on PCs, which is especially frustrating when you consider Games Pass is available on PC now.

In order for both services to complement each other fully, Cloud Gaming needs to come to PC. Also, both Cloud Gaming and Games Pass both need to come to iOS.

This would be the Holy Grail of Xbox gaming. It would also leave Sony scrambling to catch up and may even negate the need for a portable Xbox – which is also rumored.

Although a portable Xbox could actually end up being the ultimate place to play Xbox Game Pass through the Cloud while on the go.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming To PC

Microsoft is still figuring out ways to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to iOS devices. There are issues with Apple’s policies, and both companies need to find a way to work together productively – let’s not forget they are competitors.

But they may have found a workaround, for now at least. Microsoft higher-ups Kareem Choudhry and Kevin Lachapelle are working on a browser-based version of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

This will provide a functioning version of the service on PC and iOS until a more comprehensive one can be launched.

You can watch the video in full below:

We’ve speculated a few times that Xbox Cloud Gaming alongside Game Pass could represent a significant turning point in gaming. Only today Xbox confirmed the Xbox Live rebrand, something which is happening with Game Pass/Cloud Gaming in mind.

There’s even talk of the service appearing on PlayStation devices or even the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. But of course, such ideas are a long way from reality at this stage.

Xbox has also improved the streaming quality of the Cloud Gaming service recently and will soon be adding full 1080p across a range of devices.

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