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Xbox Addresses Fake Xbox Series X Smoking Videos

Now that the dust is beginning to settle around Xbox’s launch day, the company sets the record straight on the Xbox Series X fake smoking videos.

Only a day after the launch of the Xbox Series X, gamers online were beginning to report their new console smoking. With more than a few videos surfacing online, showing the Series X emitting smoke from the top, fans were quick to raise the alarm.

PlayStation fans mocked Xbox owners, while others labeled the footage as ‘fake.’ Now, even Xbox itself addresses the issue.


And according to Microsoft’s gaming brand, the Xbox Series X smoking videos are indeed likely fake.

Xbox Addresses Xbox Series X Smoking Issue

In an update to our original Xbox Series X smoking article, we revealed an easy way to replicate the console’s ‘issue.’ Fan account Xbox Studio shows that it’s easy to make a console look like it’s bursting into flames – with nothing more than a vape and some malicious intent.

Now, even Xbox is commenting on the ridiculous attempts at staging an Xbox Series X smoking issue. It appears that the brand is in a state of disbelief at the footage that is appearing online.

The company must be fairly certain that every smoking Xbox was the work of vaping fans, but it’s hard to be certain. The device will, of course, have been tested heavily prior to launch.

This makes it incredibly unlikely that many Xbox Series X consoles suddenly began to smoke right after release day. But this new prank will make things difficult for those fans who actually encounter a smoking issue in the future.

This is probably the first time a major gaming brand has had to ask players to not vape into their new console. Xbox is completely right though, considering that vape smoke is mostly water vapor, it could potentially damage the Xbox Series X’s internals.

We don’t know why anyone would risk damaging their expensive new hardware for a joke online. Especially since Xbox Series X stock is in such short supply.

Very soon, Xbox support is going to be opening a lot of consoles for fixing, only to discover water damage. We wonder if there will be a similar fake issue that goes viral with the PlayStation 5 launch today.

If you’ve got an Xbox Series X/S issue and you’re finding it hard to track down actual fixes, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a variety of ways to solve all known Xbox Series X/S issues.

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