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Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition Controller Announced

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Xbox fans will be able to play their favorite games in style with the stunning new 20th anniversary special edition controller.

Controllers are the most important accessory for any console gamer, so it’s no surprise that special edition ones are so popular. This is why Xbox fans were getting so excited when Microsoft teased a limited edition controller very recently.

Luckily, Microsoft didn’t keep fans waiting for too long and all the details have just been dropped.

What’s more, the controller looks absolutely stunning. It might be even better than the limited edition Halo Infinite Elite controller.

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Xbox 20th Anniversary

Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition Controller Details

Although Xbox Design Lab lets players make their own custom controllers, nothing quite beats a limited-edition one.

Microsoft has revealed what the 20th anniversary Xbox controller looks like, and it is simply stunning.

A cool translucent black body, with a green accented Xbox button makes the front of the controller unlike any other. Meanwhile, the back has some striking green grips to make sure the controller doesn’t slip.

There’s even a small logo in the bottom right of the controller to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Xbox.

Additionally, the controller features Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth functionality and it has a share button in the center to make capturing gameplay simple.

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Xbox 20th anniversray controller box

Xbox 20-Year Limited Edition Controller Release Date, Price & Pre Order Details

With many Halo Infinite Xbox controller orders being canceled recently, Xbox fans might be left empty-handed. Luckily, Microsoft has already revealed all of the details to pre-order the 20th anniversary controller.

The controller will release on November 15 and pre-orders are already live. You can order one directly from the Xbox store now, but other retailers are also stocking them too.

As for the price, it will cost a reasonable $69.99. Plus, gamers can also pre-order it alongside a new limited-edition headset, which is also $69.99.

Will you be picking up this swish new 20th anniversary Xbox controller? They are bound to sell out quickly so you’ll want to get your pre-order in ASAP!

How to Buy Controller and Headset




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Xbox 20th anniversray controller details

Meanwhile, the next-gen console shortage is still going on. However, you can check the last time the Xbox Series X was in stock at every major retailer.

Finally, a new leak suggests that Xbox will announce another major studio acquisition soon. This could be huge for the next-gen console war.

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