New doors that require a ‘Worthy Item’ to unlock are appearing in the new ruins around Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Here’s how to unlock them!

Strange new locked vaults are hiding away top-tier loot in the new Fortnite season. But how do you open them, and what constitutes a ‘worthy’ item?

We’ve got the answers to all your burning questions to help you get the best possible endgame loot in your Battle Royale games.

How to Open Worthy Item Doors in Fortnite

To open a purple glowing Worthy Item vault door in Fortnite, players will need to sacrifice an Epic (purple) or higher-tier weapon from their inventory.

To open a golden glowing Worthy Item vault door, players need to give up a Legendary or mythic weapon from their inventory.

The doors will destroy any item that is handed to them, and offering up a Rare or Common weapon is a sure-fire way to lose your gun with no benefit.

However, if you choose to sacrifice your Epic, Legendary, or Mythic weapon, the door will open.

How to Open Worthy Item Doors Fortnite

What’s Inside the Worthy Item Vault Door?

Inside the Worthy Item vaults, players will find 3 Rare Chests as well as 2 regular Chests, meaning their sacrifice is unlikely to hurt too much.

If you’re playing as part of a team, losing only a single Epic weapon for so much loot seems like an advantageous trade!

What's Inside the Worthy Item Vault Door

What Is a Worthy Item in Fortnite?

It seems that a Worthy Item is any item that’s Epic-tier or higher in Fortnite.

However, some special gold-aura doors will require a Legendary item to unlock, so watch out for a golden glow!

In our testing, Gaming Intel was unable to get the door to open with a Rare weapon, but it deemed our Epic weapon worthy and granted entry to the inner chamber immediately.

Where to Find All Worthy Item Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Players will find Worthy Item vaults, requiring them to give up high-tier weaponry to receive powerful loot, inside temple ruins in the forest biome.

Where to Find All Worthy Item Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

We found one in the depths of Rumble Ruins that requires only one Epic-tier weapon to access.

In the Hidden Ruins northwest of Creeky Compound, players will need to pass both a purple AND gold Worthy Item door, before finally solving the flame puzzle we get into below.

And in the temple on the southern edge side of Fortnite’s new forest, players will need to pass two additional trials to unlock the loot inside!

If any more Worthy Item doors are discovered, we’ll update this article!

How to Solve Flame Puzzle in Fortnite Ruins

To solve the flame puzzle after the Worthy Item door in Fortnite’s forest ruins, players need to light or extinguish the braziers until they match the 5 purple flames found elsewhere in the temple.

By investigating the temple, players will find 4 or 5 purple-flamed braziers nearby that can be discovered but not interacted with.

Then, outside the locked vault door, you’ll find 4 or 5 more braziers in the exact same layout.

How to Solve Flame Puzzle in Fortnite Ruins

To unlock the door in the ruins, players need to check which flames are lit, and which are extinguished in earlier in the temple.

They then need to go to interactable braziers and hold Square / X / E to extinguish or light the flames so the pattern matches the earlier layout.

How to Solve the Flame Brazier Puzzle Vault Fortnite

Once a player successfully matches the brazier flames to the ones prior, the door will open. But that’s not the end of your trials!

How to Solve the Statue Puzzle in Fortnite Ruins

Solving the statue puzzle often has players picking from two statues on either side of the locked vault door.

Interacting with the wrong one will teleport you to a rift above the vault, causing you to have to drop back in again.

Seek Statue Puzzle Fortnite

However, if you do happen to make the wrong choice, you’ll know which of the two to interact with next time.

If you’ve got multiple team members, get one to stand back while you guess!

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