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Today’s Wordle #359 Word Answer and Clues – June 13

Are you struggling with Wordle #359 on June 13? Don’t worry if so, as we’ve got some helpful clues and even the answer to keep your streak going.

It’s a new day and there’s a new Wordle to enjoy over on the New York Times’ website. The daily puzzle is back with another challenge, and this one is proving a little trickier than most.

Thankfully, we’ve got the answer for you at the bottom of this page. But before that, you can still solve this challenge yourself, using our helpful hints and clues!

Before we kick things off though, make sure you’re using Wordle’s best starting word each day. There’s no better way to ensure an easy win than by starting off on the right foot.

Without any further ado, here are our hints to help you solve Wordle 359 on June 13.

The New York Times

Wordle 359 (June 13) Hints and Clues

Here are some handy clues to help you solve Wordle #359 in no time:

Your first clue is that this word has only two letters that are vowels.

Up next, your second clue is that this word has the letter R in there, and it’s not in the first half.

And finally, the last hint of the day is that this word may be found in the medical industry.

Still struggling? Read on for today’s answer.

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Wordle Daily Answer
The New York Times

Wordle 359 (June 13) Word Answer

The answer to Wordle #359 on June 13 is DONOR! Well done if you got it correct.

A donor is someone who donates something, in particular money to charity. It’s often also used in medicine, with blood and organ donors always needed in order to save lives.

If you’re hoping to get to the next Wordle as soon as possible, find out what time the Wordle resets every day.

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