This new quick and easy trick will help you duplicate any Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies, allowing you to fill your inventory with Ray Guns!

MWZ is a lot more fun than many players were expecting, and long-term Zombies fans will likely be surprised to see many of the series’ Easter eggs and tricks returning.

But with the new open-world setting comes more room for glitches and exploits too.

And a new Wonder Weapon duplication glitch allows players to get unlimited Ray Guns, Wunderwaffes, and Scorchers in MW3 Zombies.

How to Easily Duplicate Wonder Weapons

All you need to duplicate a Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies is a Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe, or Scorcher Weapon Case and any vehicle.

Then, open the case from the passenger seat of your vehicle to instantly duplicate it!

Wonder Weapon cases can be acquired through Reward Rifts for completing Contracts in the Tier 3 Zone, or crafted once you have the correct schematic.

Crafting Ray Gun Case in MWZ

Once you have one, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure your Rucksack has plenty of empty slots and contains your Wonder Weapon case.
    • The larger the backpack you’re carrying, the more times you’ll be able to duplicate your gun!
  2. Find any vehicle in MWZ
  3. Get in, then press Circle / B / X to change seats so that you’re in any passenger seat
  4. Open your Rucksack and find your Wonder Weapon case
Opening Scorcher Wonder weapon case in MW3 Zombies
Credit: Glitching Queen
  1. Then press Square / X / Left Click to open the case
  2. Your empty slots will now be filled with copies of the same Wonder Weapon that was inside the case!
Duplicated Scorcher Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies
Credit: Glitching Queen

Just like that, you’ve duplicated your Wonder Weapon several times over. You can drop them for other players, or horde them all to yourself.

Of course, you can’t actually extract with Ray Guns, Wunderwaffes, or Scorchers, so the latter may seem pointless. But decking out your whole team with powerful weapons quickly and easily – that’s well worth doing!

You may find that some of your new duplicated Wonder Weapon won’t contain ammo. However, they can still be refreshed at an Ammo Cache like any other gun.

Thanks to Glitching Queen for showing us this new, incredibly easy exploit. Check out the YouTuber’s full video guide below:

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