In women’s football, EA Sports has been a leading force in bolstering the sport’s popularity, and with EA Sports FC 24, they are once again pushing boundaries, particularly within the Ultimate Team mode.

Despite female players being featured in FIFA games since FIFA 16, they have been noticeably absent from the game’s most beloved mode.

However, exciting changes are on the horizon. Stars like Sam Kerr will finally have the opportunity to join forces with players like Erling Haaland, forming formidable attacking duos that will score plenty of goals.

Will Women Be in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Yes, women will be in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. This was officially confirmed by EA Sports on their website.

USA Women's Team in FIFA 23

Can Women & Men Play Together in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Yes, female players will be able to be put into the same team as men in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

This means you can mix and match players no matter their gender, creating a true “Ultimate Team”.

Women walking out onto the pitch EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

How Will Women Be Added to FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Women will be added to EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team in the following ways:

  • Packs: Both male and female footballers will be included in the available pool of players for packs.
  • Transfer Market: All tradable players can be searched on the Transfer Market using criteria such as league, club, nationality, position, price, and more.
  • Objectives: Both male and female footballers can be used as requirements and rewards for Objectives.
  • Rewards: Throughout the year, both male and female footballers will be featured in various rewards.
  • Squad Building Challenges (SBCs): You can submit players to SBCs as long as they meet the requirements, including nationality, position, leagues, clubs, etc. With the addition of more players, there will be increased possibilities for completing SBCs.
  • Draft: Any player currently available in the player pool can potentially be added to your team during the Draft.
Sam Kerr celebrating with a flip in EA FC 24

Will There Be Female ICONs and Heroes in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Yes, female players will have their very own ICONs and Heroes. Just like regular items, they can link up alongside their male counterparts.

Mia Hamm and Alex Scott are the first female players to be announced for EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. As revealed on the EA Sports website for the FC 24 cover stars, Hamm will be an ICON and Scott will be a Hero.

Mia Hamm and Alex Scott EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Concept
Concept items for Mia Hamm and Alex Scott

How Does Chemistry Work Between Male & Female Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Chemistry in FC 24 Ultimate Team will largely remain unchanged, with the familiar connections between players from the same leagues and nations still intact.

For instance, players from the Women’s Super League (WSL) will continue to link with other WSL players, while players from each natio maintaining their connections with fellow nationals, and so on.

In addition to the existing links, women’s footballers will now have the ability to connect with men’s footballers who belong to their affiliated club.

For example, Sam Kerr will be able to link to every male Chelsea player as the fall under the same association.

Will Female Players’ Stats Be the Same as Male Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team?

In EA Sports FC 24, female players will likely receive similar ratings to male players. Like in FIFA 23, the ratings of female players will be determined by their performance and abilities in the women’s game, without direct comparison to male players.

As a result, players like Putellas are likely to maintain their high overall ratings in the game, placing her among the top players alongside Kylian Mbappé.

FIFA 23 Putellas Overall
Alexia Putellas overall in FIFA 23

Will Female Players Play the Same as Male Players in Ultimate Team?

Female players in EA Sports FC 24 will perform based on their stats, similar to male players. However, due to the body type attribute, female players may have an advantage in gameplay.

Previous versions of FIFA showed that body type significantly affected a player’s effectiveness, especially in executing animations.

Some of the most sought-after items in Ultimate Team typically belong to players with the following body types:

  • Named Body Type – Players like Salah, Ronaldo, and Ronaldo R9 possess distinct body types, granting them unique animations for dribbling and shooting.
  • Unique Body Type – This refers to custom-made body types without exclusive animations. These players move and turn quickly, regardless of their stats. Kylian Mbappé falls under this category.
  • Short and Lean – Players with the short and lean body types have the advantage of quick turns and faster dribbling. Garrincha, for instance, showcases this body type.
  • Lean – Players with this body type can dribble faster, although not to the extent of those who are short and lean. João Félix serves as an example.

Since female players typically have shorter and leaner physiques, it’s reasonable to expect most female players in FIFA to fall under the lean and short as well as the lean body types.

Consequently, these items could be highly effective in Ultimate Team. We could even see some female players with named and unique body types.

Salah dribbling with his custom body type in FIFA 23
Salah dribbling with his custom-named body type.

Can Female Players Get Special Items in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Yes, female players will be eligible to receive live service items such as SBCs, Objectives and Moments.

More specific item types will be announced at a later date by EA Sports.

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