The Wolf Star System is one of the more unassuming locations in Starfield, but it’s one you need to visit on a regular basis for one key reason.

If you’re trying to make your way to the Wolf Star System in Starfield, chances are you’re trying to offload some illegal loot. After all, this system is the easiest way to sell Contraband, especially in Starfield’s early hours.

Luckily for you, the Star System is closer than you’d think.

Where Is the Wolf Star System in Starfield?

The Wolf Star System is one of the closest Systems to Alpha Centauri, the Star System where New Atlantis is located.

Simply hover over the white dot above and to the right of Alpha Centauri on the star map and you’ll see it’s named ‘Wolf’.

How to Get to the Wolf System in Starfield

The system is surrounded by Sol, Narion, Valo, Barnard’s Star, and of course, Alpha Centauri. But while your early adventures may have taken you to many of the other Star Systems, the small unassuming Wolf may have been off your radar so far.

How to Get to the Wolf Star System in Starfield

Pull up the star map and select Wolf, which is slightly above and to the right of Alpha Centauri. Then press X to travel to the Star System.

You’ll only need one grav jump to get to the Wolf Star System, assuming you’re already on Alpha Centauri or Sol (the game’s opening areas).

Wolf Star System in Starfield

If you’re further out in space, you’ll need to jump to a closer location first before reaching Wolf. Be sure to keep an eye on how much fuel your ship has to see how big your next grav jump can be.

All Wolf Star System Planets

The Wolf Star System is home to the following planets in Starfield:

  • Chthonia
  • Etherea
  • Pontem (Etherea’s Moon)

But the true appeal of the Wolf Star System is The Den, a spacecraft just outside Chthonia.

Where to Find the Den in Starfield

As for why it’s getting so much attention, The Den is one of the few places where you can find a Trade Authority stall.

These stalls allow you to sell Contraband, something that’s not allowed at most other stores. Simply dock at The Den and head left once inside to find the Trade Authority store.

Trade Authority on The Den, Wolf System
Trade Authority on The Den

Since the Wolf Star System has no security to scan and confiscate your Contraband, you’ll easily be able to offload those illegal goods for a high price.

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