The date for the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase has been set, but will the company also announce the long-rumored digital version of the Series X at the event?

Every June, Xbox hosts its annual Games Showcase event. This is an online presentation full of video game reveals and trailers for the biggest titles in the upcoming year.

Xbox has confirmed that this year’s Games Showcase will be taking place on June 9th. However, beyond teasing the Call of Duty Direct happening straight after the event, there has been no information about what will be featured in the presentation.

And while the focus will be on the games, a new hardware announcement could also be part of the Showcase.

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In recent months, rumours about a digital version of the Xbox Series X with a white color scheme have been circulating, and there have even been images of the digital Series X leaked online. Therefore, it seems certain that the console will arrive soon.

This means that the June Showcase could be the perfect time to announce it!

2024 Xbox Games Showcase

When Will Xbox Announce the Digital Series X Console?

The most likely time for Xbox to reveal the new digital Series X console is during its 2024 Games Showcase event on June 9th, 2024.

While this is a prediction, Xbox would likely want to showcase its new hardware in its biggest presentation.

If the digital Series X isn’t shown at the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, then it’ll surely be unveiled soon afterwards.

Rumors suggest that the digital Series X will be released in the Summer or Fall of 2024. Therefore, the announcement would have to be soon after the Showcase if the rumors are correct.

White Xbox Series X
What the digital Series X could look like.

However, there is still a possibility that this console won’t ever hit store shelves. Even if there have been leaks surrounding the digital Series X, they may not be real, or Xbox may decide against releasing it.

Until Xbox formally announces this new Series X model, don’t count on the console coming out. This is especially the case as Xbox hardware sales have plummeted in the last quarter.

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