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Will Warzone Get FOV Slider on Console? Leaker Reveals Answer

Find out whether Call of Duty Warzone will get a FOV slider on consoles soon. This leaker has revealed the answer.

Field of view or FOV is a contentious issue for Warzone. PC players have had access to a FOV slider ever since the game launched almost a year ago, but console players still have a fixed FOV.

This is a problem as having an increased FOV gives PC players an advantage over console players because they can see more on their screen.

Season 2 brought loads of new content to Warzone, including map changes, weapons, and game modes. However, players were disappointed to find a FOV slider still hadn’t been added to console versions of Warzone.

Warzone players have demanded field of view settings on PS5 and Xbox Series X for ages now, but will they ever come?

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Warzone FOV Slider On PS5 & Xbox Series X?

Prominent industry insider Tom Henderson claims to know whether Warzone will get field of view settings on PlayStation and Xbox. He is a reliable source and even recently got suspended from Twitter for releasing accurate Battlefield 6 leaks.

He says that console versions of Warzone won’t get a FOV slider because of “performance issues”. However, he doesn’t say what issues these are.

This is surprising considering how powerful the PS5 and Xbox Series X are. While still a step down from top-of-the-range PCs, the next-gen consoles are more powerful than many PCs that can play Warzone with a larger FOV.

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This leaker’s response follows claims from Charlie Intel saying that they had previously heard that a FOV slider wasn’t coming to console versions of Warzone either.

Charlie Intel said: “The dip in performance was too significant with the map size and player count that it affected the overall experience of playing.”

This will come as a huge disappointment for players who wanted a FOV slider on console versions of Warzone soon. However, field of view settings could still come in the future, as this is not official information.

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