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Will Verdansk Be Removed in Warzone Season 2?

Will Verdansk be removed from Warzone in Season 2? This Call of Duty insider seems to think so.

Warzone players are all familiar with Verdansk. It is the map that launched with the game and was the sole home for Warzone up until December. This was when the Rebirth Island mini-map came to the game.

Therefore, players have been waiting for news of a new map for some time. However, what is going to happen to the old Verdansk map in Warzone Season 2?

verdansk warzone map

The End of Verdansk in Season 2?

Warzone Season 2 will almost certainly have a new map with loads of new features. However, this could completely sideline Verdansk.

Reliable Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson has posted a funny Lion King meme to Twitter, which could suggest that Verdansk will be removed from Warzone soon.

The video shows ‘Verdansk’ being thrown off of a cliff. This could signal the end for the map in Warzone.

On its own, it doesn’t say much. However, when you combine this with the new Nova 6 Easter Egg in Warzone, things don’t look good for Verdansk.

Tom Henderson Twitter

Verdansk Destroyed?

Warzone’s final cutscene shows the culmination of the nuke storyline in Verdansk. Be sure to find out about the secret ending in Warzone here.

In the cutscene, Captain Price stops the nuke launching. However, he reveals another imminent threat to Verdansk.

The new Warzone Easter Egg has revealed this threat to be Nova 6 gas. While Verdansk seems to be safe from a nuke, it may not be safe from the deadly Nova 6 chemical weapon.

The end of Season 1 could therefore spell the end for Verdansk at the hands of Nova 6. Not to worry though, Season 2 will almost certainly bring a new map set in the Ural Mountains.

A new leak has also revealed a new Zombies mode that could be coming in Warzone Season 2.

All of the Season 2 weapons have also been leaked early, alongside a fan-favorite Zombies character that will be a playable operator in the new Season.

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