The Last of Us episode 9 has just aired, and while fans of the video game were likely satisfied with its ending, those who haven’t played the games may wonder if episode 10 is coming.

No, there will not be an episode 10 of The Last of Us Season 1. Episode 9, titled Look for the Light, is the final episode of Season 1.

It ends with Ellie questioning whether Joel was telling her the truth about there being no cure for the Cordyceps infection and her accepting his answer doubtfully.

Of course, while fans of the video games may have recognized this ending, others may be wondering if the ending of episode 9 is the same as the video game.

Before The Last of Us Season 1 was released, its showrunner Craig Mazin announced it would have 10 episodes.

However, according to the official The Last of Us podcast, it was reduced to 9. This is because HBO suggested combining the first two episodes to keep viewers engaged.
A tweet from Culture Crave that was released back when it was believed that The Last of Us Season 1 would have 10 episodes.

Of course, wanting more of this record-breaking show is understandable, especially after the surprising critical reception. Unfortunately, it is officially over.

However, fans won’t have to wait too long for Season 2. It’s coming a lot sooner than you may have been expecting!

Is Episode 9 the Finale of The Last of Us Season 1?

Yes, episode 9, Look for the Light, is the final episode of The Last of Us Season 1. There will be no more future episodes in this season.

Fans must wait until Season 2 releases to see more of The Last of Us and continue Joel and Ellie’s story.

Unfortunately, those hoping for a happier ending may have been left a little disappointed. Worse still, the story only grows more somber from this point on.

Of course, each of these episodes is worth a rewatch as they’re full of easy-to-miss secrets. You can catch a cameo in episode 9 from the actress who plays Abby in The Last of Us 2.

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