As we move closer to Halloween, Ultimate Team gamers are starting to wonder if a promo-themed around the holiday will come to EA FC 24.

The arrival of either the Rulebreakers or the classic Ultimate Scream promo was always a highlight in the October calendar of FUT.

These popular promos would mix things up by giving players stats they wouldn’t usually have. For example, defenders included in this promo may have 90+ Dribbling or a relatively slow player may be given a huge Pace increase.

However, there has been no sign of them to come.

Ultimate Scream Promo in FIFA
Ultimate Scream promo in a previous FIFA game

So, let’s discuss whether a Halloween event is coming to the game and if we could see some content themed around this holiday.

Is There a Halloween Promo Coming to EA FC 24?

No, there is no Halloween promo coming to EA FC 24. At the moment, the Centurions event is currently taking place, and Team 2 is set to release on Friday, November 3, 2023. This leaves no room for a specific Halloween promotion.

In saying this, we could see some Halloween content release. In previous years, themed kits for Holiday events have come as SBCs. Additionally, there could be a return of the fan-favorite “Spooky Matchups.”

Spooky Matchups was a set of puzzle SBCs, similar to Marquee Matchups, but was based around Halloween-themed clubs. For example, in previous years, Valencia players were part of the requirements as the club features a bat on its badge.

Halloween Spooky Matchups in FIFA 23
Halloween Spooky Matchups in FIFA 23

Players could earn some high-value packs to potentially hit a big player or boost their coin balance by completing these puzzles.

However, the arrival of this challenge SBC has neither been leaked nor confirmed, so this is simply speculation from knowledge of previous games.

The next promotion releasing after Centurions is titled Triple Threat. At the moment, we know nothing about what this will entail.

This event name has never been featured in previous games like Road to the Knockout or Centurions, giving the community little to speculate on.

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