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Will There Be a Black PS5 Console?

After unofficial custom faceplates for the PS5 started appearing on the internet, Sony quickly shut them down. But the question remains, will there be a Black PlayStation 5 console?

Days after an unofficial custom PS5 faceplate seller appeared online; they were forced to close their shop before the console even launched. Now visitors to are just met with a blank screen.

This left some fans disheartened; many of them were looking forward to customizing their PS5 console to suit their tastes. Not everyone likes the idea of a white games console.

PlayStations are traditionally black by design, so it’s to be expected that some people will want to continue this trend. It was especially disappointing to discover that the PS5 is indeed capable of such modifications – they’re just seemingly banned.

The PS5 teardown video released by Sony confirmed that the white faceplates were indeed removable. This opened a world of possibilities for not only black PS5s but a whole range of custom options.

Is the Possibility of a Custom or Black PS5 Gone Forever?

No, we don’t imagine so. In fact, we actually think third party accessories will be encouraged in time. They are usually, so why have Sony been so quick to shut down custom PS5 faceplates?

Why show off that it’s a possibility in the teardown video to then ban it? And why has no other third-party accessory been pounced on with the same speed or ferocity?

It seems to us that Sony is cooking something up themselves. Black PS5 faceplates and other custom designs are likely something Sony wants to release before any third parties do.

Imagine an official line of faceplates, each in different colors and designs. Some reflecting PlayStation game franchises or other Sony related themes.

We believe this is something Sony has in the pipeline. So, any third-party companies that release their own products risk diminishing Sony’s sales and stealing their thunder.

Why Has Sony Not Unveiled Custom PS5 Faceplates Yet?

Marketing a new games console isn’t easy. The campaign needs to be clear, direct and simple. Sony is keen to push a specific image of the PS5.

They want us to visualize this instantly when we picture it. Too many colors and designs muddy the waters and cloud this visual image.

For the PS5, Sony has purposely chosen to give the console removable faceplates. This is for a reason, and it seems clear to us that the reason is to allow players to customize their console.

Sony gifts fan PS5

But the launch is what takes priority. PlateStation and other third-party companies selling customer PS5 cases before Sony are ready risks getting in the way of this.

Of course, the above is just a theory on our part. But we’re willing to bet our mortgages that we’ll see some official PS5 faceplate designs in the coming weeks – including a Black PlayStation 5.

Check out some more of PlateStation's custom PS5 designs here. While we’re speculating about the future, gaming giant Capcom has just had various next-gen secrets leaked onto the internet.


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