Bethesda’s highly anticipated open-world Space RPG, Starfield, has left players eagerly anticipating its release and wondering if a demo for the game will be arriving.

With the opportunity to explore the game’s vast universe and experience its gameplay firsthand, a demo could be the key to helping indecisive players decide whether to embark on this interstellar adventure.

Based on Bethesda’s trajectory with demos, we have some insight as to what the future might look like for a Starfield one!

Will There Be a Starfield Demo?

Bethesda’s record of not providing demos for its latest titles suggests it will likely not release one for Starfield. Although they have neither confirmed nor denied the possibility.

The developer has created many popular titles throughout the years, which have not received a demo. The list includes recent games such as Redfall, Fallout 76, Deathloop and Doom Eternal.

Instead, Bethesda tends to produce lengthy showcases of its games, which include a ton of gameplay. This was the case with Starfield Direct.

These showcases show off a lot of the upcoming game. They effectively serve as a visual demo to provide a glimpse into what players could expect.

On June 11, 2023, the Starfield Direct presentation offered players a comprehensive 45-minute exploration of the game’s features and landscapes.

This experience provided an in-depth glimpse into various aspects, such as some of the planets, combat mechanics, character creation, and a plethora of other exciting elements.

With this extensive gameplay deep dive, players were treated to a wealth of visuals and valuable information, leaving little room for the likelihood of a demo release.

If you are looking to play Starfield early, players can receive five days of early access if they pre-order the premium or collector’s edition of the game.

Although, a Starfield demo arriving seems like a very slim possibility at this moment in time. If one was to drop, it would be out of character for Bethesda.

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