Nintendo and Game Freak have announced the next Pokemon title, Legends: Z-A, but will it be a launch title for the Switch 2?

Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchise in history. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the trailer for the next mainline game, titled Legends: Z-A, has garnered so much attention.

The trailer itself also gave fans plenty to look forward to. This includes the Lumiose City setting, the long-awaited return of Mega Evolution, and the likely appearance of Zygarde!

However, what has Pokemon fans especially excited is that Legends: Z-A should be the first Pokemon game on Nintendo’s next console. It may even be a Switch 2 launch title, if we are lucky!

Pokemon Legends Z-A Trailer Pikachu

Will Pokemon Legends: Z-A Be Available on Switch 2 at Launch?

We expect that Pokemon Legends Z-A will be a launch title for Nintendo Switch 2. However, neither Nintendo nor Game Freak have confirmed this information yet.

The reason behind this is that the Switch 2 has a rumored March 2025 release date, and Nintendo will want to launch the console alongside one of its biggest franchises.

While this could be a new 3D Mario game, Pokemon Legends: Z-A has already been confirmed for a 2025 release. This makes it a very likely launch title for the Switch 2, in our opinion.

Pokemon Legends Z-A City

Even if it isn’t confirmed as a launch title, the game will almost certainly release on Nintendo’s upcoming console. At the end of the teaser trailer for Pokemon Legends Z-A, there was the message “releasing simultaneously worldwide in 2025”.

This message implies that it will come out on more than one console – likely the Switch and the Switch 2 – at the same time. However, it does not confirm whether the new Pokemon title will be available to buy as soon as the Switch 2 also hits store shelves.

We are likely to hear more about the Nintendo Switch 2 and its launch titles later this year. Hopefully, this lineup includes Pokemon Legends: Z-A!

Until then, see what you can spot in the teaser trailer for the upcoming Pokemon title below:

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