We know that the Switch 2 is currently in development, but will Nintendo be making a ‘Lite’ version of its next console too?

The Switch is a unique hybrid console which allows gaming on a TV as well as on the go. However, back in 2019, Nintendo released the handheld-only Switch Lite as an alternative.

It’s just as powerful as the standard Switch and has the same screen size, but doesn’t have a dock or detachable Joy-Cons. Despite this, its lower price makes it a great choice for gamers who don’t want to play on a TV.

This has prompted gamers to ask whether Nintendo will make a ‘Lite’ model for its upcoming console, the Switch 2.

Switch Lite Smash Bros Ultimate

Will There Be a Switch 2 Lite?

There have been no leaks surrounding a Switch 2 Lite yet. Therefore, there almost certainly won’t be a Lite version of Nintendo’s next console when it first releases.

Despite this, we expect to see a cheaper Switch 2 model midway through the console’s lifespan.

Previously, Nintendo has launched budget-friendly versions of consoles a couple of years after the systems initially released. This includes the Wii Mini, 2DS and, most recently, the Switch Lite.

Therefore, we expect Nintendo to continue this trend in the next console generation, especially considering that the Switch Lite has sold well over 20 million units so far.

Switch Lite With Headphones Plugged In

If Nintendo decides to make a Switch 2 Lite, it will likely release around 2027. This would give the Switch 2 some breathing room and would also mirror the launch pattern of the original Switch Lite.

The original Switch Lite came out in September 2019, around two-and-a-half years after the Switch. Therefore, if Nintendo sticks to the pattern and the rumored March 2025 Switch 2 release date is correct, expect the Switch 2 Lite to release in late 2027.

Of course, this is all just a prediction at the moment. However, in the meantime, it’s probably best to focus on the Switch 2 rather than any further versions of the console.

It seems like Nintendo should reveal the Switch 2 in Fall 2024, so there’s not too long to wait now!

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