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Will New Warzone Map Be on Black Ops Cold War Engine?

By the looks of a Call of Duty leak, it looks like the controversial decision of whether or not to change Warzone's engine has been made.

The crossover between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has been a bumpy road, but a fun one nonetheless.

There's been a few bugs, and many Cold War weapons have been underpowered for some time, but the promotional crossing of Call of Duty streams has helped Warzone exponentially.

But, with these new introductions from this new game has come some controversy.

Will Warzone use Black Ops Cold War's engine?

Many fans have been concerned that Warzone's developers could take the crossovers too far and change the game's engine. Instead of the mechanics of the rebooted Modern Warfare, the game would be shifted over to Cold War's engine, changing the gameplay in a major way.

Plus, a leaked screenshot of a Cold War location with the UI of the old battle royale mode, Blackout, has surfaced. It's done nothing but stir rumors further, and make fans fear for the Warzone they know.

And now as the first image of the new Warzone map has leaked, fans are concerned this big change could be coming soon.

The content is coming at a good time, as now Warzone fans are getting bored of waiting for content.

But, fans can rest assured that no fundamental change to Warzone's mechanics is coming any time soon.

Warzone Will Not Adopt Black Ops Cold War's Engine

Thankfully for many, Warzone isn't going to be adopting the playstyles of Black Ops Cold War.

The first reassurance came from a Call of Duty dataminer on Twitter by the name of CallofDutyHope.

They said in a tweet, presumably quoting a statement from a member of staff at Activision;

"We are not switching engines with Warzone... The Zoo screenshot is from a play test build on BOCW because it's a Fire Team map."

It was a reassuring tweet, but after all, it wasn't much of a confirmation. But there's something more solid we can trust that's recently been unearthed by YouTuber MrProWestie.

Will Warzone use Black Ops Cold War's engine?

Back in October 2020, a ResetEra thread was started, full of players starting a conversation. It begins with a tweet from Twitter account charlieINTEL, announcing the beginning of Cold War and Warzone's integration.

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Scrolling down the thread, a comment can be found from user ShutterMuster, who is the verified Art Lead at Activision. They say simply, "There will not be an engine shift for WZ." Succinct.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like the engine is changing after all. It makes sense- it isn't broke, so why fix it?

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It's not like Warzone needs any drama, either. The game is still riddled with problems which have made the game borderline unplayable for many fans.

Many players insist that cheating has never been worse in Warzone.

Will Warzone use Black Ops Cold War's engine?

Warzone hackers have recently found a way to force the game to end early, ruining the player experience.

Plus, games are even brought to crash by a Warzone dev error.

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