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Will The New Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Have Zombies Mode?

With the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 world reveal trailer, a lot of information about the upcoming Call of Duty is coming out. Many players are still wondering if a Zombies mode will come out with the game.

The awaited world reveal of Modern Warfare 2 has finally come, and players are excited about the upcoming game.

The MW2 reveal trailer gave us an idea of what to expect in October, but players are anxious to know the game modes coming with the game.

With the world reveal Activision confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 will be dropping on Steam as well as BattleNet.

This news has left Call of Duty players thinking about which platform to buy the upcoming Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Zombies

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Will Modern Warfare 2 Have a Zombies Mode?

Call of Duty’s Zombies has been a popular game mode since the early days of World at War. With the iconic mode being added in many games in the saga.

Many fans were hopeful that the iconic survival zombies mode would drop with the game, as it has been a long-time favorite mode by players.

However, Infinity Ward confirmed that the mode will not be dropping with Modern Warfare 2.

Instead, Infinity Ward has confirmed that a new “evolved” Special Ops mode will be dropping with the game.

While there won’t be a Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 2, players can still enjoy the new multiplayer modes and Warzone 2 later in the year. With the iconic Highrise map confirmed in the game!

Modern Warfare 2 Zombies

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While more news will be coming closer to the launch date, we will keep you updated with everything we know about the new Modern Warfare 2 game.

In other news, Warzone players are upset because Warzone 2 Reportedly supports PS4 & Xbox One.

Finally, Modern Warfare 2 reveals new campaign missions & story details.

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Monday 13th of June 2022

That's stupid. BOCW zombies needs its own zombies game with campaign, plus outbreak etc, onslaught, and missions (firebase z, etc). And outbreak survival.