The introduction of DMZ marked a groundbreaking addition to Call of Duty, ushering in the extraction shooter experience, but the question now is: Will this mode find its place in MW3?

DMZ brought a fresh outlook to the CoD series, where players would enter matches, accomplish missions, and extract their acquired loot. Players could carry this fortune into subsequent games, enabling gradual gear upgrades each successive match.

However, with a new game releasing soon, let’s dive in and discuss what official news there are about the future of DMZ within Modern Warfare 3.

Will DMZ Be in MW3?

While not officially confirmed, DMZ will likely be in MW3 as the mode is part of Call of Duty: Warzone.  Furthermore, the Call of Duty blog announced the integration of MW3 and Warzone.

With DMZ being a key part of Warzone, it is unlikely CoD would ignore this mode in future updates. This integration will take place during the first season of Modern Warfare 3.

The original Warzone had a life cycle of two years, so, at minimum, you would expect the latest game and DMZ to stick around for longer.

The rebranding of Warzone 2.0 as simply “Warzone” implies a clear intention for this iteration of the Battle Royale to persist over an extended timeframe.

Will There Be a DMZ Reset in MW3?

While we cannot state with certainty, a DMZ reset will probably occur in MW3 Season 1. Speculations about the introduction of a fresh Battle Royale map enhance this likelihood.

Introducing this new location opens the door to potential specific missions tailored for this area.

Additionally, given that Makarov assumes the role of the primary antagonist in the MW3 campaign, the emergence of a new faction becomes another plausible result. Every time a new faction came out, the mode underwent a reset.

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