Players who bought skins in MW2 will wonder if they will transfer over to MW3, giving their purchases a longer life span.

While Call of Duty skins do not offer any in-game benefits, many players enjoy using different cosmetics throughout the game. However, in previous titles, they may only last for that game’s cycle.

Now, that could be about to change, so let’s dive in and discuss whether your MW2 skins will transfer to Modern Warfare 3!

Will MW2 Skins Transfer Over to MW3?

Yes, MW2 skins will transfer over to MW3. The developers confirmed this as part of the new Carry Forward feature that will move a multitude of items between the games.

This means any skins you purchase or earn in MW2 will be accessible to use on launch in Modern Warfare 3.

In its official blog, Call of Duty states: “For Modern Warfare 2 players, all unlocked Operators and Operator Skins will carry forward into Modern Warfare 3.

So, if you own a Homelander or Snoop Dogg skin, you can utilize their operators in the upcoming game!

Snoop Dogg skin in MW2

Will MW3 Skins Be Usuable in MW2?

Not all MW3 skins will transfer back over to MW2. If a bundle was created explicitly for MW3, it will not carry over to Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty states: “Bundle content created for MWIII will only be available for MWIII.”

If unsure whether a skin is transferrable between the two games, check the text underneath the items. If transferrable, it will state: “All Items in bundle will also be usable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” and vice versa.

Confirmation of MW2 skin transferring to MW3

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