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Will Modern Warfare 2 Be Xbox Exclusive After Microsoft Buyout?

Following Microsoft’s buyout of Activision, the big question on the lips of Call of Duty fans is whether Modern Warfare 2 will be an Xbox exclusive!

Call of Duty has been the biggest FPS series on PlayStation and Xbox for the past few console generations however, this could all be about to change.

Following the news that Microsoft has bought Call of Duty publisher Activision for almost $70 billion, fans are now worrying about the future of the series on PS5.

This includes the highly-anticipated (but still unannounced) next installment of the series Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

But will MW2 be coming to PlayStation as well? Here’s what we know so far.

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Modern Warfare

Will MW2 (2022) Be On PS5 or Will It Be Xbox Exclusive?

The leaked Modern Warfare 2 campaign and story details sound amazing so it’s fair to say that Call of Duty fans can’t wait to play the game. However, this latest Activision news has COD fans with a PlayStation very worried.

Now that Microsoft owns Activision and, in turn, Call of Duty, fans worry that the popular shooter could leave PlayStation altogether and become an Xbox exclusive.

However, much to the relief of PlayStation fans, it looks like this almost certainly won’t be the case.

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Modern Warfare

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Even if a price has been agreed for Microsoft to buy Activision, the deal is still far from complete. In fact, reports suggest that the deal won’t be complete until June 2023.

This means that any development of Modern Warfare 2 will remain untouched by Microsoft. Obviously, with the caveat that MW2 does release in 2022.

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Therefore, if Modern Warfare 2 is 2022’s Call of Duty title, it will almost certainly not be an Xbox exclusive. This is because it is currently in development for PlayStation and will release before Microsoft completes the purchase of Activision.

However, even if we’re confident that MW2 will come to PS5, the future of the Call of Duty series on PlayStation is still uncertain.

Once Microsoft completes that acquisition, in 2023, it could decide to make the Call of Duty Xbox exclusive. What’s more, future Call of Duty titles beyond MW2 will very likely have exclusive features on Xbox as well.

Meanwhile, fans also wonder what this purchase will mean for Warzone. But will Modern Warfare 2 bring the ‘Warzone 2.0’ that fans want?

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Thursday 20th of January 2022

Well this explains the slow response to fixing the disaster release of Vanguard with the update and merge of all the games to one spot. They must have been snuggling up to MS. I am just one person, but I'm done with Activision games. I work hard to not add to Microsoft profit lines. I do not play the games on mobile because they have their hands there too. If it becomes Xbox exclusive, it makes it easy to not play. I am not going to buy an Xbox to play. I am not going to panic buy one either. It will take time like it said 2023 for a finalized deal. Sad days. Now I am just not buying any new game released. So bummed. Life goes on