Liga MX was missing from FIFA 23, leaving many fans of the Mexican league disappointed but still hoping it could return in EA Sports FC 24.

Football is big within Mexican culture, with the country’s league filled with many talented stars. Having Liga MX in EA Sports FC, 24 would not only allow their fans to use their favorite teams but it would enrich the experience across all modes.

For Liga MX fans, the inclusion of the league would be a massive deal. Let’s delve into everything we know about the addition of this league in EA FC 24.

Is Liga MX Going to Be In EA Sports FC 24?

Liga MX will not be in EA Sports FC 24 because the league has entered into a licensing agreement with Konami for an unknown period of time.

The exclusivity deal between the Japanese game developers and Liga MX allows them to showcase the clubs, players, and stadiums in their eFootball games.

Although the exact length of this contract is unknown, it was signed relatively recently in April 2022. Consequently, it is highly improbable that the Mexican league will be featured in an EA Sports game in the near future, as there are likely several years remaining on the agreement.

Liga MX Konami Deal

When it comes to licensing, Konami poses the biggest threat to EA Sports. The creators of eFootball have successfully secured multiple agreements with leagues and clubs worldwide, including Japan’s J-League and Manchester United.

This exclusive partnership they have established with Liga MX is another notable example. This agreement means that only eFootball features the respective clubs and players from Mexico’s top football division.

In terms of authenticity, EA Sports still remains the frontrunner in the football video game genre.

The developers are able to maintain a substantial lead over their competitors thanks to their partnerships with the top leagues and tournaments globally.

Recently, EA Sports achieved another milestone by striking deals with La Liga and UEFA, further enhancing the game’s authenticity. These agreements allow them to provide an even more realistic and immersive experience for players.

Tigres Liga MX team in FIFA 22
Tigres Liga MX club in FIFA 22
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