CoD points are currency players use to pick up the Battle Pass or acquire the skins they want in-game, but will your current balance transfer over to the upcoming MW3?

When MW3 releases on November 10, 2023, some Call of Duty players may have leftover CoD points from MW2. However, the question on their minds is whether they will get to use them in the new game or will they have to spend them on Modern Warfare 2.

Look no further, as we have the answer to your question, so you will know whether to save those valuable points for the upcoming Call of Duty or spend them on current shop items!

Will CoD Points Transfer From MW2 & Warzone to MW3?

Yes, CoD points will transfer from MW2 & Warzone to MW3. All CoD points will transfer if you are on the same platform and store.

This is because the points are linked to your Activision Account, not the specific game.

CoD points on any of the following games will transfer between these titles:

  • Modern Warfare 2019
  • Black Ops Cold War
  • Vanguard
  • MW2
  • Warzone

This means that no matter your CoD Points balance in MW2, you will continue to have the same amount of points when you boot up MW3 for the first time.

CoD points

Will CoD Points Transfer Between Different Platforms?

No, CoD points will only transfer from MW2 to MW3 if you play on the same account and platform.

For example, if you have CoD Points on PlayStation, you cannot transfer them to Xbox if you decide to switch consoles.

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