The fan-favorite Zombies mode is a staple of the Call of Duty: Black Ops games, but will it be returning in Black Ops 6?

While the core of Call Duty is fast-paced PvP multiplayer and action-packed campaigns, Zombies has become increasingly important.

While this PvE undead-slaying game mode was primarily in the Treyarch-developed Black Ops titles, it has appeared in almost every Call of Duty game in recent years.

In fact, all but one of the past four games in the series have featured some kind of Zombies mode. However, Call of Duty has sidelined classic round-based Zombies maps in favor of larger open-world Zombies experiences recently.

MW3 Zombies

Now, Call of Duty fans are wondering whether the next entry in the series will feature a Zombies mode and if it’ll be round-based or not!

Is There a Zombies Mode in Black Ops 6?

While developer Treyarch has not specifically confirmed it yet, a teaser for Black Ops 6 showed a 1-second glimpse of what appears to be the Zombies game mode. It shows a couple of operators running through and shooting into a horde of enemies which look like the undead.

Therefore, a Zombies mode will almost certainly be in Black Ops 6.

Additionally, Cold War Zombies ended on a cliffhanger, saying “the story will continue”, and the final cutscene teased the return of fan-favourite characters Richtofen and William Peck.

Therefore, Treyarch will almost certainly carry on with this Zombies storyline in Black Ops 6.


While we don’t know what type of Zombies experience it’ll be, Zombies has gotten a mixed reception in recent years. Therefore, many fans would prefer to see the classic round-based maps return rather than the large, open maps of Cold War’s Outbreak or MW3’s Zombies mode.

Fortunately, Treyarch will share more details about Zombies in Black Ops 6 very soon.

Make sure to tune into the Black Ops 6 Direct presentation on June 9th. This will almost certainly reveal some details about Zombies and hopefully some gameplay as well!

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