Fans are wondering whether Black Ops 6 will be part of the Call of Duty HQ application. Fortunately, we have the answer!

The Call of Duty HQ is a single application that acts as a launcher for Call of Duty titles on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

It was first introduced in November 2023, alongside Modern Warfare 3 and allows gamers to switch between MW2, MW3 and Warzone without opening and closing games. However, it hasn’t been very popular with Call of Duty fans for a number of reasons.

This has prompted gamers to ask whether the upcoming Black Ops 6 will be part of the Call of Duty HQ like the other recent COD games.

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Is Black Ops in the Call of Duty HQ Application?

Yes, Black Ops 6 will almost certainly be part of the Call of Duty HQ application, even though Treyarch has not confirmed it yet.

The Steam listing for Black Ops 6 has the game as a DLC for the Call of Duty HQ application and leaks have already revealed Black Ops 6 will be incorporated into the HQ on June 9.

Therefore, the game’s inclusion as an add-on to the HQ is all but confirmed.

Despite being a convenient way of switching between COD games, Call of Duty HQ has not been a popular addition.

Many gamers complain that it takes up unnecessary space on the already very limited hard drives of consoles and PCs.

Meanwhile, others find it much less convenient than having separate games, as the menus are tricky to navigate and often lead to many updates and restarts before allowing you to start playing.

Unfortunately, it looks like Call of Duty HQ is staying, and Black Ops 6 will be part of it. We expect that this will be confirmed either during the Black Ops 6 Direct on June 9 or shortly afterwards.

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