A new year means another Call of Duty title, but will Black Ops 6 also integrate into Warzone and give the battle royale mode a huge update?

For the past four years, the Call of Duty series has been made up of yearly $70 releases as well as the free-to-play battle royale game Warzone. What’s more, level-up progress and unlocks carry over between the mainline Call of Duty games and Warzone.

However, with Call of Duty moving away from Modern Warfare this year, players are wondering whether Black Ops 6 will integrate into Warzone.

After all, a new game running on a new engine could prove troublesome for cross-progression, not only because of the gameplay differences but also from a weapon balancing point of view.

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Will There Be Warzone Integration for Black Ops 6?

While Treyarch and Raven Software have not confirmed anything yet, Black Ops 6 will almost certainly be integrated into Warzone in late 2024.

Ever since Warzone launched in 2020, each new Call of Duty title has been integrated into the battle royale title shortly after its release. This usually happens in late November or December when Season 1 of the new Call of Duty title begins.

Additionally, new challenges with Black Ops 6-themed rewards are now available to complete in Warzone. As this includes a Black Ops 6 pistol, the 9mm Daemon, we expect that the rest of the Black Ops weapons will follow later.

Furthermore, Treyarch has teased a collaboration with Raven Software, the primary developer of Warzone, for the upcoming Black Ops 6 Direct event. This further suggests that the next Black Ops title will be incorporated into Warzone.

However, Black Ops 6 integrating into Warzone doesn’t guarantee that all of the MW2 and MW3 content will still be available.

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Will Black Ops 6 Be a Clean Slate for Warzone?

One interesting possibility for Black Ops 6 is that it could also usher in a new era of Warzone.

Similar to how Warzone shifted to Warzone 2.0 with the Modern Warfare 2 integration, there’s a possibility that Black Ops 6 could kickstart the latest version of Warzone. After all, Black Ops 6 is bound to play differently to MW3 and the current Warzone.

If this is the case, then Warzone could get another fresh start later this year. This would mean that all of the guns and skins from MW2 and MW3 would be left behind in favor of new content for Black Ops 6.

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While it would be a shame if content didn’t carry over after the integration, it could also be a breath of fresh air for Warzone. Additionally, it could help ensure the game is balanced.

Swapping out all of the current Warzone guns for Black Ops weapons would get rid of the old, stale meta by swapping them with a new selection of preferred loadouts. Plus, it would avoid the yearly issue of the new Call of Duty title’s weapons being overpowered in Warzone.

Will Blackout Return With Black Ops 6?

While Blackout returning is a possibility, it seems very unlikely. Instead, we expect that Warzone will remain as Call of Duty’s battle royale experience during the Black Ops 6 cycle.

Releasing as a game mode in Black Ops 4, Blackout was Call of Duty’s first attempt at battle royale. While it had a significant player base, Blackout didn’t become a global sensation in the way that Warzone did around 18 months later.

With the Black Ops series returning in 2024, some fans are hoping that Blackout will return alongside it. This is because many players preferred the more traditional BR experience that Blackout offered, compared to the loadout drops and constant redeploys in Warzone.

However, as discussed previously, we believe a full integration of Black Ops 6 into Warzone is more likely.

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Alternatively, if Activision believes that a fresh start for Call of Duty’s battle royale offering would be more beneficial than sticking with Warzone, the publisher could choose to move back to the Blackout branding.

Stay tuned for more details about Black Ops 6 and the future of Warzone in the Call of Duty Direct presentation on June 9!

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