GO Fest: Global is the biggest Pokemon GO event of the year so, of course, there will be dozens of different Pokemon spawning in the wild!

Due to the sheer amount of Pokemon that will be spawning, the spawns will be divided into four rotating habitats.

Here are all of the wild Pokemon spawning in GO Fest 2023, as well as everything you need to know about the habitats!

2023 Pokemon GO Fest Global Habitats Explained

On August 26, the first day of 2023 Pokemon GO Fest: Global, the wild spawns are divided into four habitats. The four habitats are:

  • Quartz Terrarium
  • Pyrite Sands
  • Malachite Wilderness
  • Aquamarine Shores

Each habitat has 14 wild Pokemon that can spawn, including a crown-wearing Pikachu. The active habitat rotates every hour, giving every player a chance to catch all of the Pokemon.

Check out the full habitat rotation schedule for August 26 below.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 Poster

GO Fest Habitat Rotation Schedule

10 AM – 11 AMQuartz Terrarium
11 AM – 12 PMPyrite Sands
12 PM – 1 PMMalachite Wilderness
1 PM – 2 PMAquamarine Shores
2 PM – 3 PMQuartz Terrarium
3 PM – 4 PMPyrite Sands
4 PM – 5 PMMalachite Wilderness
5 PM – 6 PMAquamarine Shores

Below, you can see all of the wild spawns in each habitat during GO Fest: Global 2023.

Remember – these habitats only apply on Saturday, August 26. On GO Fest: Global Day 2, Sunday, August 27, Pokemon from every habitat will spawn from 10 AM – 6 PM.

Quartz Terrarium Spawns

PokemonStandard Shiny
Quartz Crown PikachuQuartz Crown Pikachu Pokemon GOShiny Quartz Crown Pikachu Pokemon GO
ClefairyClefairy Pokemon GOShiny Clefairy Pokemon GO
LickitungPokemon GO Lickitung Table
HeracrossHeracross Pokemon GOShiny Heracross Pokemon GO
MiltankMiltank Pokemon GOShiny Miltank Pokemon GO
WurmplePokemon GO WurmpleShiny Wurmple Pokemon GO
WhismurWhismur Pokemon GOShiny Whismur Pokemon GO
SkittySkitty Pokemon GOShiny Skitty Pokemon GO
LuvdiscLuvdisc Pokemon GOShiny Luvdisc Pokemon GO
West Sea ShellosWest Sea Shellos Pokemon GOShiny West Sea Shellos Pokemon GO
BunearyBuneary Pokemon GOShiny Buneary Pokemon GO
AudinoShiny Audino Pokemon GO
FoongusFoonguss Pokemon GOShiny Foongus Pokemon GO
MorelullMorelull Pokemon GONot Available

Pyrite Sands Spawns

PokemonStandard Shiny
Pyrite Crown PikachuPyrite Crown Pikachu PoQuartz CrownShiny Pyrite Crown Pikachu Pokemon GO
SandshrewSandshrew Pokemon GOShiny Sandshrew Pokemon GO
Alolan DiglettAlolan Diglett Pokemon GOShiny Alolan Diglett Pokemon GO
PsyduckShiny Psyduck Pokemon GO
GirafarigGirafarig Pokemon GOShiny Girafarig Pokemon GO
ShuckleShuckle Pokemon GOShiny Shuckle Pokemon GO
TrapinchTrapinch Pokemon GOShiny Trapinch Pokemon GO
GibleGible Pokemon GOShiny Gible Pokemon GO
HippopotasHippopotas Pokemon GOShiny Hippopotas Pokemon GO
TimburrPokemon GO TimburrShiny Timburr Pokemon GO
JoltikPokemon GO JoltikShiny Joltik Pokemon GO
BinacleShiny Binacle Pokemon GO
HelioptileHelioptile Pokemon GOShiny Helioptile Pokemon GO
GrubbinPokemon GO GrubbinNot Available

Malachite Wilderness Spawns

PokemonStandard Shiny
Malachite Crown PikachuMalachite Crown Pikachu Pokemon GOShiny Malachite Crown Pikachu Pokemon GO
CaterpiePokemon GO CaterpieShiny Caterpie Pokemon GO
BellsproutBellsprout Pokemon GOShiny Bellsprout Pokemon GO
ScytherPokemon GO ScytherShiny Scyther Pokemon GO
Cowboy Hat SnorlaxCowboy Hat Snorlax Pokemon GOShiny Cowboy Hat Snorlax in Pokemon GO
SpinarakSpinarak Pokemon GOShiny Spinarak Pokemon GO
RemoraidRemoraid Pokemon GOShiny Remoraid Pokemon GO
RoseliaRoselia Pokemon GOShiny Roselia Pokemon GO
SnoverSnover Pokemon GOShiny Snover Pokemon GO
CottoneeCottonee Pokemon GOShiny Cottonee Pokemon GO
FerroseedFerroseed Pokemon GOShiny Ferroseed Pokemon GO
StunfiskStunfisk Pokemon GOShiny Stunfisk Pokemon GO
FomantisFomantis Pokemon GONot Available
OranguruOranguru Pokemon GOShiny Oranguru Pokemon GO

Aquamarine Shores Spawns

PokemonStandard Shiny
Aquamarine Crown PikachuAquamarine Crown Pikachu Pokemon GOShiny Aquamarine Crown Pikachu Pokemon GO
HorseaHorsea Pokemon GOShiny Horsea Pokemon GO
Lapraslapras pokemon goShiny Lapras Pokemon GO
MarillPokemon GO MarillShiny Marill Pokemon GO
WobbuffetShiny Wobbuffet Pokemon GO
CarvanhaCarvanha Pokemon GOShiny Carvanha Pokemon GO
BarboachPokemon GO BarboachShiny Barboach Pokemon GO
BagonBagon Pokemon GOShiny Bagon Pokemon GO
BeldumPokemon GO BeldumShiny Beldum Pokemon GO
East Sea ShellosEast Sea Shellos Pokemon GOShiny East Sea Shellos Pokemon GO
WoobatWoobat Pokemon GOShiny Woobat Pokemon GO
TympoleTympole Pokemon GOShiny Tympole Pokemon GO
GoomyGoomy Pokemon GOShiny Goomy Pokemon GO
MareanieMareanie Pokemon GONot Available

If you’re after any of the wild Pokemon spawning during GO Fest: Global, we suggest using a Lure Module. This is because Lure Module duration is doubled, thanks to a handy event bonus!

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