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Why Warzone Players Hate Exfiltration Trios LTM

Warzone's latest LTM is a fast game mode by the name of Exfiltration Trios but, due to an easy method of exploitation, a lot of players already hate it.

On paper, Exfiltration Trios could be one of Warzone's best modes. It's fast-paced, heavily-populated, and features all the best parts of a mini battle royale.

However, there are some aspects of the game mode that Warzone players hate, leading many people to ignore the LTM altogether.

Warzone Exfiltration Trios
(Source: Activision)

This is a shame, particularly as Warzone Exfiltration Trios can let players farm wins and kills with ease. But for some people, the cons massively outweigh the pros.

But Exfiltration Trios is not the only game mode that Warzone players hate lately.

Warzone Fans Aren't Happy With Exfiltration Trios LTM

Despite JGOD pointing out that the game mode is a great way to boost your rankings, many Warzone fans aren't happy with Exfiltration Trios.

For a start, the game mode revolves around attempting to keep possession of a radio to win. It's particularly frustrating when an enemy team manages to get to the location first, only to fly away and outrun you for the time limit.

It's also aggravating when the ring appears in such a location that there are some overpowered power positions to hold up in. Pushing into certain locations on the map leads to very low odds of successfully recovering the objective.

But the biggest complaint about the mode is its effect on a player's rankings. After all, Exfiltration Trios is an LTM that actually counts towards a user's Warzone leaderboard rankings.

Warzone Exfiltration Trios Wins Count Towards Leaderboard Rankings

Unlike most Limited-Time Modes, Exfil Trios does record your wins as legitimate battle royale wins. And some players are taking issue with that fact.

"Everyone will (continue to) cry about diamond lobbies when they get rid of the mode and all of those wins count for BR lobby placement tho," writes one Reddit user. "So that will be fun."

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After all, thanks to Warzone's Skill-Based Matchmaking system, winning in this game mode is a great way to make the ranking think you're better than you are. And then you'll be facing off against harder games of the standard Warzone battle royale.

Of course, Warzone streamers have been cheating to manipulate SBMM in the past. If you've ever seen a professional streamer dominate easy opponents in-game, you might want to check the player's SBMM level.

You can check your Warzone SBMM or that of others, right here! Why not see how Exfiltration Trios is affecting your games?

Recently, YouTuber JackFrags discovered the best way to beat Warzone SBMM and get easy games.

Perhaps that's the reason why 4 Warzone pros just smashed the world record in a Bronze 1 lobby.

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