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Why Warzone’s Old Map Was Better Than Verdansk ’84 – NICKMERCS

Was Warzone’s old map better than Verdansk ’84? NICKMERCS certainly thinks so.

It’s been a year and 4 months since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone and it’s fair to say that the game has changed tremendously over time. Although we waited a full year for the battle royale to get a second major map, Warzone has been steadily changed over the past few months, and not always for the better.

Although the leaked Ural Mountains Warzone map is playable for some users, it looks like we’ll never be getting the Cold War Warzone arena. And instead, the recent Warzone Nuke event took us back in time to Verdansk ’84 – which many players saw as a cop-out.

Verdansk '84
(Source: Activision)

But it’s not just the map that’s changed either, as cheating is getting worse and worse. In fact, many players believe that Warzone cheating is worse than ever in Season 4.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever return to Warzone’s old map, but NICKMERCS certainly misses it dearly.

NICKMERCS Prefers Old Warzone to Verdansk ’84

In a new video, reacting to his first ever Warzone win, NICKMERCS talks about missing old Warzone.

It’s a funny thing, looking back at how a game used to be. And in a recent upload, Twitch streamer NICKMERCS takes a trip down memory lane by spectating his first-ever Warzone win.

It doesn’t take long before the content creator is laughing at his old, unpolished skills and lack of coordination. But what really gets to the streamer is how fun Warzone looked back then.

“I think this is when I really loved the game, y’know,” NICKMERCS says, wistfully. “Now it’s dogmeat.”

NICKMERCS Warzone Old Map

Since then, NICKMERCS has been very outspoken about how cheaters are ruining Warzone. But according to the professional gamer, a Warzone anti-cheat isn’t even possible!

But after months of dealing with cheaters, stream-snipers, and increasingly sweaty lobbies, NICKMERCS is quitting Warzone battle royale modes completely.

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Warzone: Verdansk vs Verdansk ’84

Only 5 minutes into watching his old gameplay, NICKMERCS announces that the old Warzone map was far superior to Verdansk ’84. And, according to the content creator, that’s not just nostalgia talking either.

Of course, Verdansk ’84 has some real visibility issues. But players can fix visibility by adjusting these Warzone settings, which really helps the issue.

“I’m saying that all the little things were better than the little things on the new map is all I’m saying… Dude, the old map was way better guys, way better.”

Unfortunately, we already know that Verdansk will never return to Warzone. But a new map is on the way.

According to reports, a new WW2 map is coming to Warzone with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard. And the new WW2 Warzone map will have planes, tanks, and boats, this leaker alleges!

But right now, Warzone cheaters are flooding into console lobbies too. And this could spell the end of the game as we know it.

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