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Why Warzone Needs A Ranked Game Mode in A New Playlist Update

Warzone is in desperate need of a ranked game mode – here are all of the reasons why this would be a great addition.

Warzone is still one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the world right now. Despite this, many players are beginning to grow tired of the game.

Many players in the community feel like there is nothing to work towards. However, there is one great solution for that problem – a ranked game mode.

Before you find out all of the reasons why Warzone needs a ranked playlist though, find out more about the new 50v50 ‘Clash’ game mode in Verdansk.

Warzone Iron Trials '84

Warzone Needs To Get A Ranked Playlist

While the increasing number of hackers in Verdansk might be the game’s biggest problem, Warzone is also struggling to keep the attention of players for a number of reasons.

However, Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r believes that a ranked playlist could solve plenty of these problems. What’s more, he also believes that the new Warzone Iron Trials ’84 game mode could be the first step towards a ranked playlist in Warzone.

Firstly, plenty of people are quitting Warzone simply because they are bored of the game. Drift0r believes that a ranked playlist could be a “great solution” to this because it gives players something to work towards.

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Secondly, a ranked playlist could lead to a better experience for many players in the casual Warzone Battle Royale mode.

We previously reported that Warzone is a “nightmare” for casual players, but this would change with a ranked mode as the top-level players would mostly be playing ranked.

This, in turn, would also fix the SBMM problems which make Warzone fans want a ranked mode.

“Many of the higher skilled players would transition to a ranked mode because they would have something to work toward and earn. This would open things up to being more casual in regular modes.”

Iron Trials Game Mode Warzone

When Will a Warzone Ranked Mode Release?

Unfortunately, there are no plans for a ranked mode in Warzone at the moment and Drift0r doesn’t believe one will arrive soon either.

However, he does believe that the Vanguard integration into Warzone would be a good time to introduce a ranked playlist. This is because Warzone is getting a new map with improved anti-cheat.

Would you play a ranked game mode in Warzone or do you prefer a more casual experience?

In other news, a huge new update is right around the corner. Check out the Warzone Season 5 Reloaded Early Patch notes.

This update will also bring a brand new event. Check out this huge Warzone leak including voice lines from ‘The Numbers’.

Finally, yet another leak has revealed details about the upcoming Warzone Halloween event. This will also have a brand-new horror icon operator skin.

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Wednesday 8th of September 2021

Brilliant article, you should do an article on the 'sbmmoff' app that streamers are using instead of a vpn for easy lobbies.

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