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Why Warzone 2.0 is Locked On The Menu

Some players are wondering if the Warzone 2.0 option in the Modern Warfare 2 menu will remain locked or if it will open up at some point.

It’s finally Warzone 2.0 release day, but the Battle Royale is appearing as locked in the MW2 menu.

After the Season 1 update installed itself, it seems that Call of Duty is teasing players by displaying a locked Warzone 2.0 option in the main menu.

But will it remain locked for long? Here’s everything we know.

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Why Is Warzone 2 Locked?

Warzone 2.0 is locked because it isn’t yet playable by the public until Season 01 officially goes live. Despite the update installing on consoles and PC, we’ve still got a little bit of waiting to do until Warzone 2’s release.

Here’s a countdown timer leading to Warzone 2.0 going live with MW2 Season 1!

UPDATE: You can play Warzone 2 early using this new trick!

Why Is Warzone 2 Locked Menu

Some players, however, were able to access the Warzone 2.0 menu accidentally back in the game’s Beta. And despite fans hoping that they’ll find a way to get early access to Warzone 2, for the time being no such tricks have been found.

In the meantime, why not check out what Warzone 1 content will carry over to Warzone 2?

But plenty of information for Warzone 2.0 has already been released, including our first look at the new map Al Mazrah.

The map itself is the biggest battle royale map in Call of Duty to date and will feature some interesting new features, including:

So it makes sense that players are excited to see that Warzone 2.0 button unlock so that they can get a taste of all the new features coming.

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