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Why Some Warzone Fans Actually Love Operation Monarch

Warzone’s Godzilla vs King Kong event Operation Monarch might have gotten some backlash but plenty of players actually love it. Here’s why!

Warzone’s Operation Monarch promised to be the biggest in-game event the Battle Royale has ever seen. And it’s not just because of the gargantuan monsters now in Caldera.

However, the initial response to the even has been pretty negative so far.

Fans hate that Godzilla and King Kong don’t fight in Operation Monarch and Warzone content creators have been even less complimentary about the event.

TimTheTatman and Dr Disrepect slammed the disappointing Operation Monarch, with their opinions being shared all around social media.

Operation Monarch King Kong

Despite this, a vocal minority of players who love the Operation Monarch mode have become louder and louder. Now, plenty of fans are sharing why they are enjoying this limited-time Godzilla and King Kong crossover.

Here’s why some players love Operation Monarch in Warzone Season 3!

But first, find out the best high-damage loadout for Warzone Operation Monarch.

Warzone Godzilla Operation Monarch

Is Warzone’s Operation Monarch Event Actually Good?

While almost everyone has decided that the Godzilla Warzone skin is a major disappointment, the consensus on the game mode itself is still in the balance.

The popular opinion is that Operation Monarch isn’t as good as players hoped, but some players are actually really enjoying the new mode and they’ve been sharing their opinions on the Warzone subreddit.

Firstly, Redditor u/mrlightsidez calls the event “great fun” thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and loadouts being more scarce. Additionally, despite it being chaotic, many players in the replies agree and have had a good time with it too.

Additionally, other posts on the subreddit like the one by u/rockbandfan24 say that the event is “more fun” than they thought, even if it wasn’t what they expected.

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Warzone Operation Monarch

Meanwhile, Redditor u/Dull-Caterpillar3153 calls the event “a real good laugh” and has an idea why players aren’t enjoying it that much. It’s because fans expected more of a spectacle like Fortnite events rather than a Limited-time game mode.

If this is the case, then players will hope that the “groundbreaking innovations” in Warzone 2 include some improved events.

Hopefully, these more positive opinions on Operation Monarch will convince you to give it another go before the limited-time mode goes away. If you go into it expecting some fast-paced fun rather than a competitive experience, you should have a pretty good time!

Also, if you’re hopping into the new game mode, make sure you check out our Operation Monarch guides:

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Thursday 12th of May 2022

I have purchased Godzilla and the king pack… still don’t have an option for mecha Godzilla