Smoke Grenades are quickly becoming the main tactical equipment used by Warzone 2 players.

There are a ton of options to choose from when building your loadouts. The tactical equipment has ten different selections you can make and there are certainly some good choices.

However, Smoke Grenades are becoming more important when playing Warzone 2 and are now one of the best tacticals you can equip!

Why Smoke Grenades are Meta in Warzone 2

Smoke Grenades are one of the most meta-tactical equipment to have on your loadouts for a ton of reasons. This tactical grenade can help you out in all kinds of situations including:

  • Disengaging from fights
  • Replenishing health and armor
  • Using the Buy Station
  • Rotating into the circle

These are all very important aspects of Warzone 2 and Smoke Grenades make it much safer and easier to successfully survive in these cases.

Of course, you will need to find Smoke Grenades on the ground or in your loadout. There are a couple of ways you can get your loadout in Warzone 2!

Smoke Grenade in Warzone 2

Using Smoke Grenades to Disengage in Warzone 2

Sometimes you can get into fights where your opponent has all the advantages. They have the high ground, they have more cover and they have better weapons.

In cases like this, where you don’t feel confident in winning this fight, tossing a smoke grenade can be a lifesaver.

Quickly throw smoke in the direction you want to run to and your position will be hidden from enemy view.

Helping to Restore Health Using Smokes

If you don’t want to run from a fight, you can use Smoke Grenades to cover your position instead, giving you time to heal up.

This can be especially helpful if you are fighting in a large open area with little cover, particularly near the top of Al Mazrah. The landscape here is mainly a desert with very few objects to hide behind.

This clip from Warzone 2 content creator MuTeX shows just how good Smoke Grenades can be in these situations.

In this situation, the enemy had all the advantages. He had the high ground against a player who had very little cover.

By tossing the Smoke, Mutex was able to hide his location to give him time to recover his health.

Smoking the Buy Station

Towards the mid-game, Buy Stations can become hot spots as teams are trying to redeploy their team-mates.

Smoking the shop location can be a sure way to safely buy back your squad. Make sure you also smoke the area on the way out as once you buy a player back, nearby enemies will be notified by the red beam in the sky.

Buy Station Warzone 2

Using Smokes to Safely Rotate Into The Circle

With the lack of movement mechanics such as slide-canceling, positioning is more important than ever. Getting into the zone can be tricky as enemies could gate-keep you from entering but using Smokes can safely guide you into the zone.

And if you end up with a split circle, the merging point can be busier than a regular zone. Make sure you have these Smoke Grenades on your loadout ready to use!

Warzone 2 Circle Collapse

They can also help you flank enemies and take better positions in the final circles!

This Twitter clip by @Rican_KingSr demonstrates just how effective Smoke Grenades can be in those final circles:

How to Counter Smoke Grenades in Warzone 2

Using Thermal sights is the counter to Smoke Grenades in Warzone 2 as these see through the smoke cloud.

Currently, finding people using Thermal scopes is pretty rare but if Smoke Grenades become a must-have, we could see them being used more.

The current meta in Warzone 2 is to use the RPK, so make sure you have the best loadout for this LMG!

Make sure you pair them up with an overpowered P890 Akimbo class. These two weapons are sure to help you get a ton of kills!

And of course, don’t forget to add those Smoke Grenades to that loadout!

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