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Why PS5 Restocks Are Delayed in October 2021 & When They’ll Be Back

If you’re wondering why PS5 restocks are being delayed in October 2021, we might well have the answer for you.

In just another month’s time, we’ll be at the 1 year anniversary of the PS5. And still, after hundreds of restocks, PS5 consoles are still in incredibly short supply.

Now in the lead-up to the holiday season, fans can expect demand for the next-gen system to become feverish once again. But before we even get there, it appears that PS5 restocks are being delayed in October 2021.

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been lacking some major PS5 restocks. And with PS5 orders getting canceled lately, it’s harder than ever to snag a next-gen console.


On top of that, Walmart is seemingly hoarding PS5 consoles despite customers still waiting on their deliveries to dispatch!

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PS5 Restock Delay Explained – October 2021

It seems that PS5 restocks are being delayed in October 2021, thanks to some issues at America’s ports.

According to next-gen restock tracker Matt Swider, the reason that PS5 restocks are being delayed is simple. For the last few weeks, ports in the USA have been struggling to make their deliveries as scheduled.

On top of the chip shortage that limits overall PS5 production, it appears that consoles aren’t getting far once they arrive in the US.

Swider‘s sources report that a backlog of ship unloading and a lack of truck drivers is partially responsible for the PS5 shortage in October. On top of that, customs are reportedly not clearing some PS5 shipments, and reseller bots are as busy as ever.

In fact, the recent GameStop next-gen drop was a nightmare, thanks to bots snatching up stock.


Thankfully, there’s a new way to sign up for chance to buy a PS5 this Christmas!

And on top of that, we’ve got some lightning-fast PS5 restock trackers which will alert you the moment a new drop goes live:

As for future drops, we do know what to expect. It seems that GameStop will have another PS5 restock next week.

But it looks as though Best Buy PS5 restocks are over for casual buyers thanks to the site’s extortionate membership system.

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