The PlayStation Portal is sold out at every major retailer, and restocks are rare as we get closer to Christmas, but why is the device so popular?

When the PS Portal was first announced, many gamers weren’t too impressed by Sony’s first handheld gaming device in over a decade.

So why is demand for the cloud streaming hardware actually rather high – leading it to be sold out everywhere?

Why the PS Portal Is Sold Out

There are several major reasons that contribute to the PlayStation Portal being sold out everywhere right now. Here’s a rundown of the biggest contributors to the new hardware shortages:

This is only speculation, but it’s very possible that Sony didn’t count on the PlayStation Portal being as popular as it is right now.

The device’s reveal was met with what can only be described as a lukewarm reception. The Portal is, after all, only a cloud streaming device, with no power of its own.

PS Portal Blue Background

It’s not a handheld like a Steam Deck or even a Nintendo Switch – all it can be used for is streaming your PS5 to a portable screen!

As such, it’s likely that PlayStation didn’t count on the PS Portal being such a hit, and is now scrambling to manufacture more in a hurry.

Thankfully, new PlayStation Portal restocks are confirmed to drop very soon!

Scalpers Are Crawling Out of the Woodwork

As with any popular gaming hardware, scalpers are already buying up the PlayStation Portal stock, only to list it on eBay for extortionate prices.

This is an all too common issue, and it’s one that we’re sure to face with upcoming hardware such as the PS5 Pro and Nintendo Switch 2.

PS Portal EBay Listings

Although it’s tempting to purchase the PS Portal for $100-200 more just to secure one, it’s never worth feeding the scalpers. After all, stock will soon return and they’ll be forced to lower their prices anyway.

Given that the Portal is already retailing for £199.99, paying an extra 50% on top of that is taking you into actual PS5 price territory. And as a reminder, the Portal can only stream footage from a PS5 – making it already overpriced in the eyes of many consumers.

Generally Positive Reviews

Despite the initial reception to the PlayStation Portal’s reveal, reviews for the new hardware are actually fairly positive.

The device fits a niche that appeals to some gamers, particularly ones who like to game in bed, or have their console in a busy room of the house – one where the TV isn’t always available.

PlayStation Portal Being Played on Sofa

Reports indicate that the device feels high quality, and the LCD screen looks fantastic. And while Remote Play isn’t flawless, those who are playing single player titles, or casual multiplayer, won’t notice major issues, so long as they have a decent enough connection.

Seeing many gamers enjoying their new device may have flipped the script on what initially seemed like a lackluster piece of kit.

No PS5 Pro In Sight

It’s likely that the lack of information regarding the inevitable PlayStation 5 Pro is contributing to the Portal being sold out everywhere.

We’re now three years into the current-gen console’s lifespan, but Sony is keeping quiet on any upcoming hardware improvements.

Instead, the company appears to be prioritizing a new Slim model of PS5, which could indicate we’re still a couple of years away from a real upgrade.

PS5 vs PS5 Slim

As such, gamers who have been itching for some new PlayStation gear, and maybe putting a little cash to one side for a potential Pro reveal, may be more tempted by the Portal than they would have been otherwise.

What’s more, parents looking for a Christmas present for their PlayStation-obsessed kid may be eager to snatch up this year’s newest product – one that doesn’t break the bank like last year’s PS VR2…

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