When it comes to the world of soccer, Brazil is one of the most significant nations around the globe that you associate with the sport, but why is this country’s national side not in FIFA 23?

Renowned for nurturing some of the globe’s finest players, the Brazilian national team has long been a source of talent and excitement—making it a natural choice for players in FIFA 23.

Yet, keen-eyed gamers will quickly notice the glaring omission of this football giant from the list of international teams. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this nation’s absence.

Why Is the Brazil Team Not in FIFA 23?

The Brazilian National Team does feature in FIFA 23 but only in specific game modes. Due to licensing issues, this powerhouse is noticeably absent from the popular Kick-Off mode.

However, due to FIFA owning the rights to the World Cup, they were able put the national team into the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup game mode.

Nonetheless, across other modes, the players from the national team do appear in the game, but exclusively representing their respective club teams.

It’s worth mentioning that earlier, EA Sports featured the Brazil squad in FIFA 23 Kick-Off, although they consisted of fake players created by the developers.

Brazil FIFA 23 World Cup Mode
Brazil Team in Qatar 2022 World Cup Mode

Is the Brazil Women’s Team in FIFA 23?

The Brazilian Women’s National Team features in Kick-Off, but similar to the men’s team, it is filled with made-up players rather than the real stars.

Additionally, you can play as the authentic Women’s side in the 2023 Women’s World Cup mode. Here you can line up with Brazil’s finest players, such as Marta and Debinha.

Brazil's Women's team made of fake players in FIFA 23
Brazil Women’s NT in Kick-Off made of fake players.
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