Throughout Diablo 4, there are a few main quest dungeons that only appear as part of the story, like the The Darkened Way Dungeon players encounter during Act 1.

Players can only complete these dungeons once before they completely disappear from Sanctuary and their map. However, for some reason, The Darkened Way dungeon marker will stay on your map even after you clear the quests related to it.

This has led many players to question if this was intentional and if it holds some sort of hidden secret. Here is everything we know about the mystery behind The Darkened Way dungeon in Diablo 4.

Why Does The Darkened Way Dungeon Still Show Up in Sanctuary?

Despite some fan theories and rumors, there is no official reason why the marker for The Darkened Way dungeon in Diablo 4 remains on the map. This dungeon is famous for showing on the map even when players choose to skip the story when creating a new character after completing the campaign.

However, players do have a few theories. Some wonder if it was actually left there by Blizzard intentionally in order to persuade players to uncover hidden secrets in the dungeon. Some say that there is potentially something more to explore, but others believe that it is simply a glitch.

It could just be that Blizzard intends to use this location again in the future since it features the ancient city of Kasama and holds a strong connection to Neyrelle, one of the main companions of Diablo 4.

Blizzard, unfortunately, has not commented on this, but The Darkened Way has remained there since the Diablo 4 release, so it’s hard to say it’s an actual bug. Players can also still freely enter this dungeon and defeat mob characters.

The Darkened Way Dungeon Gameplay

There aren’t any objectives to complete past the main storyline, so it’s really not worth exploring unless you do intend to find some sort of secret there. However, many players have already tried and failed to do so.

Some even believed that this would lead to the “cow level” that usually appears in Diablo games, but no one has found evidence of that yet.

What is The Darkened Way Dungeon in Diablo 4?

The Darkened Way is a dungeon that players encounter in Diablo 4 Act 1 during the In Her Wake quest line that takes place in Fractured Peaks.

The Darkened Way Location Diablo 4

During this quest, players will uncover the forgotten ruins of Kasma and actually discover the motive behind Lilith’s appearance in Sanctuary.

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