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Why Do Warzone Streamers Get Easy Lobbies? – September 2021

Do Warzone streamers actually get easy lobbies? One member of the community has found some interesting information about lobby difficulty.

Skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM, is a very controversial subject for most Warzone players. It is the system that puts players in lobbies of similarly skilled opponents.

Most players like it as it gives everyone a chance to win, but many top players absolutely hate it. This is because Warzone almost always puts them in difficult lobbies and it stops the game from being fun.

While we recently reported that most Warzone players believe that streamers get easy lobbies, a member of the Warzone community has now conducted some very interesting research about lobby difficulty.

But before you check out their findings, make sure to find out exactly how SBMM works in Warzone.


Are Warzone Streamers ‘Whitelisted’ For Easy Lobbies

While it’s fairly common knowledge that some Warzone streamers use VPNs to get easy lobbies now, there may also be another factor behind the difficulty of streamers’ lobbies.

A new post on the Warzone subreddit compares the average KD ratio of a regular player’s lobbies to the lobby difficulty of three top Warzone streamers. NICKMERCS, IcemanIsaac, and Zlaner.

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The stats in the post show that the 0.79KD player gets put in very similar lobbies to the streamers who have at least 5x his KD ratio. In fact, IcemanIsaac and Zlaner had easier lobbies over the last 50 games than regular player Frlja.

Warzone Easy Streamer Lobby KD
Puschkin Reddit

This prompted fellow Redditor Low_Kaleidoscope_999 to claim that Activision ‘whitelists’ the accounts of streamers to give them easy games. While there is nothing to back this up, it would explain why these top players and streamers get comparatively easy Warzone lobbies.

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Do you think the lobby difficulty is a coincidence or is there an explanation behind all of this? We will have to wait and see whether Activision reveals any of its secrets behind SBMM in the future.

But, for the time being, you could find out how to use a VPN in Warzone to get easy lobbies for yourself.


Meanwhile, Warzone players love the new Iron Trials ’84 game mode. In fact, it’s so popular that many want Iron Trials to be permanent in Warzone.

What’s more, leakers believe that a ranked mode is finally coming to Warzone. This is exactly what Warzone needs so people can have easy lobbies and not come across top-level streamers.

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